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We have added everything we know about War Thunder including its review, gameplay, modes, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

War Thunder Review:

War Thunder is a free to play game which features cross platform, & it is a massively multiplayer online military game available on PC, Xbox One, & PS4. Play it now & get involve in big fights on land, in the air, & at sea. The game allows you to battle with numerous players around the world.

Select from more than one thousand vehicles. This game includes 80 maps.

War Thunder includes player vs player combat missions, & player vs enemy campaigns & solo missions.

War Thunder Gameplay:

War Thunder is a free to play massively multiplayer online flight simulator. The game lets you play again the historical fights from the WWII & the Korean War periods. Different types of vehicles such as land, sea & ground vehicles battle on the same battlefield. The victory of team depends on their cooperation.

War Thunder Gameplay
War Thunder Gameplay
(Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment)

Successive fights will need you to regularly expand your vehicle collection & upgrade your existing vehicles by upgrading their components or select the correct ammo.

War Thunder Modes:

War Thunder is divided into 3 modes for ground, air, & naval forces. The game includes arcade, realistic & simulator modes. In ground arcade mode, air forces can be accessed for a short period. In ground realistic, you can use armored vehicles, planes & helicopters.

In air battles, the fights include only air forces. Helicopters are not included.

For naval battles, you can use navy along with air forces.

Arcade Battles:

In Arcade Battles, War Thunder allows 2 groups of gamers (up to 32 gamers can play on each side) to fight against each other. Damage & physics are extremely simplified in Arcade Battles for example aircraft that are severely damaged are still controllable. This mode lacks most of the realistic features but still it retains some of them for example bomber aircraft are difficult to control than fighter.

Realistic Battles:

Realistic Battles is designed for professional gamers, & it provides more realistic physics & damage modelling, while it also contains some simplistic elements & controls.

Simulator Battles:

Simulator Battles is focused on Realistic Battles with more restrictions on the player’s interface & controls. In Simulator Battles just 1st person view in the cockpit & external turret gunner views are available in flight.

Custom Battles:

Custom Battles includes air, ground & naval vehicles. You need to choose the map, game mode, & other settings; in order to create a custom battle mode.


PvE stands for player vs enemy. It can include multiple players fighting against multiple enemies & you need to defend your base against AI controlled enemy waves.

War Thunder Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation
  • Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Release Date: Available
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, & Xbox One


  1. War Thunder has all I want plus it is a F2P & it is cool


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