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Blackthorn Arena Review:

A strategy game which offers real time combat & the game is set in a fantasy world where you will encounter creatures. The game lets you control master of Blackthorn Arena, & you can train slaves & after completion of their training they will become gladiators, & then you can send them to battle for you in the arena.

Blackthorn Arena Review

Blackthorn Arena Story:

The narrative of Blackthorn Arena is set in the Freelands, which contains multiple city states & trade cities where slavery is very common. Play as successor of the Blackthorn Arena & you have a goal to regain the honor that once belong to your family.

Blackthorn Arena Gameplay:

Purchase slaves & convert them into gladiators. The game allows you to manage their features, abilities & talents, & provide them top armors & weapons.

Send gladiators to battle for you in ten different arenas in “The FreeLand”. Beat other gladiators & more than thirty types of creatures. Challenge champions of different arenas, beat them & kick them out of their throne. Build your own champions to become the best master in the entire world.

You need to manage an arena. As your gladiators achieve victories in fights in other arenas, you will receive wealth & reputation. Use wealth to purchase new slaves, weapons & improve your arena when required. Use wealth wisely because everything about running an arena is based on it.

Blackthorn Arena Gameplay
Blackthorn Arena Gameplay
(Image Credit: PersonaeGame Studio)

There are numerous gladiators living in the world of this game. Gladiators controlled by non-playable characters will take part in different tournaments which take place all over the world every day. They can die, get hurt or become stronger like your gladiators. After beating other gladiators, it is your choice to either eliminate them or leave them. If you spare gladiators, then there is a possibility of facing them again in the future fight.

The game allows players to build their character. They can decide b/w 6 big features, 6 types of weapons, & combine more than 100 combat abilities to create a unique warrior. The game does not offer classes so you can make your own class. The gladiators you build will receive various trait too during their career. Some of the traits have big impacts in battles.

Blackthorn Arena allows you to wield your gladiators with more than 200 pieces of armors & weapons. They are not just used in battles but it will enhance the appearance of your gladiator.

Being an arena master, you will deal with multiple events every day. Some of the events will offer new opportunity while others are complete troubles.

Blackthorn Arena’s battle is based on real time but the game allows you to pause & offer a command, switch to other character or provide other movements.

The game allows you to command just one gladiator at a time. Other gladiators will battle on their own. But it is possible to edit gladiator’s combat artificial intelligence so they can react to different combat situation appropriately.

Gladiators have a tough life. They could die after they lose battles. So it is a better option to train as many gladiators as possible.

Blackthorn Arena Review:

The Good:

  • Blackthorn Arena offers great customization.
  • The game provides a linear storyline, along with randomness that offers more opportunities for replayability.
  • Story of Blackthorn Arena is immersive.

The Bad:
  • Early Access of Blackthorn Arena had few bugs.
  • The game offers so much randomness that a lower level gladiator can beat you.
  • The initial guide of the game does not provide much detail. It is difficult to learn game mechanics because the tutorial at the start of the game does not explain everything.

Blackthorn Arena Specifications:

  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
  • Developer: PersonaeGame Studio
  • Publisher: PersonaeGame Studio
  • Release Date: 17 January, 2020


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