Battle points are available for a limited time using Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sword & Shield:

Players are able to get twenty free battle points for a limited time using Mystery Gift.

Till 30 January, players can get twenty free battle points in the game. Battle points are used to purchase useful items at the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

To get Battle Points for free, players must choose Mystery Gift from the menu screen & follow the instructions mentioned below:
  • Choose Mystery Gift from the game menu screen
  • Choose Get a Mystery Gift
  • Choose Get Gift via a Code / Password
  • Follow the instructions that will connect you online
  • Provide the download code “G1GANTAMAX” when asked

Players can get Luxury Balls until 30 January 2020.

Old Gifts:

Freebies that players can get include Gigantamax Meowth & Poke balls.

However, players have limited time to claim their gifts. Until 15 January players can download special Poke Balls. Also they can get a free Pokemon Gigantamax Meowth until 15 January.

New details about Pokemon Sword & Shield is revealed:

More information about Pokemon Sword & Shield is revealed. The launch date of Pokemon Sword & Shield is confirmed, & we can check out the new game characters. A new battle mechanic called Dynamax is also revealed which allows Pokemon to increase in size & offers your Pokemon a power boost which turns its attacks into max moves but you can use this mechanic just once in fight. Watch Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer below:

You can make a squad with other players & fight Pokemons with bigger sizes & also discover the wild terrain. Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to be released on Switch on 15 November 2019.

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