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Seek Hearts Trailer:

Watch Seek Hearts trailer.

Seek Hearts Trailer

Seek Hearts Review:

Izen wants to know why he was made & who made him so he starts an adventure to find these answers. Izen & others who want to know these answers fail to notice a shadow creeping up upon them & the intent of the shadow is to kill them.

Seek Hearts Review
Seek Hearts Review
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  • Improve protagonist’s skills.
  • Upgrade protagonist’s skills with arm / leg parts, core & chips.
  • Enable armament drive & battle with the help of fairies.
  • Improve character parameters using titles.
  • Change fight speed & encounters according to your wish.
  • Collect easy objects from fairies that hide in stockings.
  • The game includes lots of additional content including a battle arena & more.

Seek Hearts Story:

Begin your journey with a man made of metal who wants to collect his lost memories. He only remembers his serial no. & that he can battle. He wants to know about himself & his creator.

Seek Hearts Story
Seek Hearts Story
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Seek Hearts Gameplay:

Start a journey to find Izen’s origins in a role playing game. Improve his skills with arm / leg parts, core & chips, & enable the armament drive & fairies will help you in battle.

The protagonist has the skill to boost his parameters by absorbing weapons. He can swap out his arms & use them as weapons; legs, which enhance defense; & by adding certain chips into his core, he is able to add specialized abilities to his weapons.

Seek Hearts Gameplay
Seek Hearts Gameplay
(Image Credit: KEMCO)

By enabling the armament drive, you can use the complete potential of your weapon to offer the team an edge in combat. For strong rivals, use fairy bursts to deal high damage. The team can get the help of fairies in fight by equipping shards.

Izen can get various titles as the narrative progresses, which will improve character parameters a bit.

Fight speed & encounter rates can be altered according to your need. Gain easy objects from fairies that hide in stockings. New attributes make completion of this game possible for everybody. There is additional content such as a battle arena & more.

Seek Hearts Specifications:

  • Genre: Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
  • Developer: Exe Create Inc.
  • Publisher: KEMCO
  • Platforms: PS4, PC Windows, Xbox One, Android & iOS
  • Release Date (PS4): 14 January 2019

Seek Hearts Walkthrough:

Watch Seek Hearts gameplay walkthrough.

Seek Hearts Walkthrough

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