The Universim is entering beta & full version of the game is expected to launch soon:

The Universim is entering beta with an update that improves the scale of the game’s worlds. It is a highly ambitious game which received funds through Kickstater & the game allows you to build civilization. The update enhances multiple features of the game but it focuses mostly on improving parts of it that create new planets. Worlds are now bigger, & it contains more stuff, & have beautiful mountains.

It is an indie, simulation game created by Crytivo Games. In this game you will take the responsibility of god & guide the development of civilization through the ages. The Universim will launch on PC Windows, Mac & Linux. This game is available on Steam in early access.

A new game engine which supports bigger worlds & many objects, will be available in the game. The developer says that the game will be improved, with stuff such as it will take less time to generate world, the mountains of the game will be dynamic, & improved pathfinding will be part of the update.

Crytivo has plans of launching full version of The Universim in the coming months.


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