Bayonetta Review:

Enjoy over the top action game in 60 frames per second at HD resolutions. Bayonetta is from PlatinumGames’ legendary director Hideki Kamiya who also created Resident Evil & DMC games.

Bayonetta features a strange heroine, a witch who can shapeshift & use weapons. She can use magical attacks, & her hair is able to summon evils for dispatching enemies. This game is set in Vigrid, which is a fictional city in Europe. A rating system is available in this game which offers players a grade based on their performance, & you can find a feature very similar to DMC, that is the game combat system.

You can perform double jump to gain more height, & destroy items & doors. Also rotate camera views, lock on enemy targets, & switch weapons.

It is a single player, 3rd person 3D action video game. The combat system of Bayonetta is very similar to DMC. The game puts you in the shoes of a witch named Bayonetta, & you are allowed to damage both close range & long range foes, use complex combo system, & a variety of weapons.

Bayonetta Story:

Bayonetta was sealed away 500 years ago until she was discovered & awakened. She spent 20 years in amnesia & fought against the angelic characters to end the evil plans of the final of the Lumen Sages, Balder.

Bayonetta Gameplay:

The heroine can use unique skills that her foes do not have including Witch Time which activates when you make a well timed dodge to a rival attack. This temporarily slows time to let heroine inflict massive amounts of counter damage before the foes can react.

You can double jump to gain more height, & destroy objects in the background. You are allowed to rotate camera views, & change weapons during gameplay. The heroine is able to change into creatures including panther & others to upgrade her skills. You can cure heroine using lollipops, & it fills her magic gauge, enhance her strength, but these items & dying reduce the score for that particular chapter.

Search various objects & combine them to make new objects. Many foes & items drop halos when destroyed, which can be used to purchase objects, techniques & upgrades for your weapons. You can use rival weapons too.

Choose from 5 difficulty levels in this game.

Bayonetta Specifications:

  • Developer: PlatinumGames
  • Publisher: Sega & Nintendo Switch
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Release Date: 18 February 2020
  • Genre: Action, hack and slash
  • Mode: Single-player


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