Pokemon Go’s January 2020 Community Day Pokemon Announced:

Pokemon Go’s first Community Day of this year will be live on 19 January 2020 & in this article you will be able to know which Pokemon you can capture during this event. Pokemon Go’s developer has revealed that piplup which is a water type penguin from Diamond & Pearl, will be available on January’s Community Day.

During this event, you will confront Piplup in the wild more often & this is a best chance to collect Piplup Candy. Also you can capture a Shiny Piplup in this game, & you will know a special event-exclusive move if you evolve Piplup into its final form, Empoleon, up to 2 hours after the Community Day terminates. January’s event move hasn’t been announced, but earlier starter Pokemon were able to know Hydro Cannon during their Community Days.

On top of enhanced Piplup spawns, more bonuses will launch during this month’s Community Day. Any Lure Modules you utilize during January event will be live for 3 hours, rather than 30 minutes when you are using them on ordinary day. Pokemon eggs will hatch after covering quarter of a distance than it usually takes on normal days. More information is available on Pokemon Go’s official website.

This month’s event will run for 3 hours, but it will happen at different times based on the hemisphere you live in. Gamers of Northern hemisphere will be able to enjoy this event from 11 AM – 2 PM local time, while those living in Southern Hemisphere can enjoy this event from 3-6 PM local time.

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