Find Lumini review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

We have added everything we know about Lumini including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers & walkthroughs.

Lumini Review:

Discover the world in this chill journey, avoid hurdles & protect your group while gathering the world’s energy to revive the creatures that died. Divide & reform your race, evolve & explore new skills to bring the creature race back to their former glory.

Lumini Review

Lumini Story:

A long-forgotten race of monsters called Lumini have appeared once again. Now this era is not suitable for them because balance of the world has shifted, & the world is not peaceful anymore. The environment is dangerous for Lumini but this creature has the power to restore balance that will assist in revival of the creature race.

Lumini Story
Lumini Story
(Image Credit: Speelbaars)

Lumini Gameplay:

Lumini is a very relaxing game ever developed, with laid-back gameplay & refreshing music.

Gather energy & utilize it to grow the creature horde, then divide into 2 hordes to crack riddles & avoid obstacles in your path.

When the horde gets larger, your Lumini will evolve & receive further skills, new defensive moves & more.

A special edition of the game will release with the complete Lumini soundtrack along with an art book showing magnificent visual charm of the game world.

Lumini Specifications:

  • Genre: Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: Speelbaars
  • Publisher: 2Awesome Studio
  • Release Date: 3 Sep, 2015
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

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