Pokemon Sword & Shield DLCs include new Pokemon, locations & more:

Sword & Shield are receiving paid expansions. DLC pack for the game costs $30 & it includes 2 DLCs & each of them include new environments, new Pokemon, more than hundred outfits & more.

Isle of Armor:

Isle of Armor DLC

First DLC of Pokemon: Sword & Shield known as Isle of Armor is set to be released in June & it lets gamers travel to the eponymous island which is home to new, & old Pokemon that are not available in the Galar region. The objective of this DLC is growth. One of the new Pokemon is Kubfu that has an evolved form named Urshifu which has 2 further forms, Single Strike Style or Rapid Strike Style. Each of the Urshifu’s forms can Gigantamax.

You can face new characters in the Isle of Armor DLC.

Crown Tundra:

The 2nd DLC called Crown Tundra will release in fall 2020. This DLC is focused on exploration & it is set in Crown Tundra which is an arctic location in the Galar region. In this region a variety of new & returning creatures live including a new Pokemon Calyrex. It is a psychic & grass type legendary Pokemon.

Calyrex Pokemon
Calyrex Pokemon
(Image Credit: The Pokemon Company)

Free Update:

An update for Pokemon: Sword & Shield is available that allows you to enjoy some content of the DLC for free. After the event is available, you can interact with Klara or Avery in Wedgehurst Station based on which version of the game you have. Also you can capture Galarian Slowpoke, whether or not you have bought the DLC.

Special Bonus:

Receive a special bonus: A Pikachu outfit & Eevee outfit for Pokemon trainer after you purchase the expansion pass. You will get a download code for the uniforms using email when you buy the DLC. You can use this code in Mystery Gift in order to receive your gift.


  1. Free update of the game has pretty much stuff included

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  2. long wait. I need them now

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