Pokemon: Sword & Shield Max Raid event is available now till 3 January | How to get Shiny Magikarp in Pokemon: Sword & Shield:

A new event is available now in Pokemon: Sword & Shield. The new year event will be available for a limited time & it includes a new Pokemon: Magikarp.

You have a bigger opportunity to face a Shiny Magikarp in Max Raids. Shiny Pokemon are difficult to get in these games, & any Shiny Magikarp you evolve will retain its special colors.

You will get many nuggets when you beat or catch the Magikarp Pokemon. You can sell these objects for high prices at Poke Marts.

New Year Max Raid event will be available from now till 3 January 2020, so you must claim your new Pokemon as fast as possible.

A new mythical Pokemon will appear in Pokemon: Sword & Shield next month:

A new Mythical Pokemon will appear on 27 February 2020 in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This Pokemon will be available in the game. Also The Pokemon Company will launch a new Max Raid event on the same day.

More details about that Pokemon will be available on 27 February. This new Pokemon will probably appear in the upcoming Pokemon movie, Coco.

27 February marks the anniversary of Pokemon Red & Green launch in Japan.

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