Pokemon: Sword & Shield is receiving more Pokemon in paid expansions, & free updates which let you trade Pokemon:

Pokemon: Sword & Shield’s Pokedex is going to get larger. New Pokemon will be available in the game soon in 2 new DLCs Isle of Armor or the Crown Tundra. It will contain new Pokemon & more than 200 older creatures that are new to Galar Pokedex, & if you don’t have plans on purchasing the expansion, you will still be able to get them in your game but it will need some extra work.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansions

Every DLC has its own Pokedex, though it is not announced just how many Pokemon will be included in the DLC Crown Tundra or the Isle of Armor Pokedexes. They contain new Gen 8 Pokemon & even legendaries that are not included in Pokemon Sword & Shield, along with new Galarian forms of old creatures & Pokemon from earlier generations that are not in the Galar Pokedex.

Free updates are set to be released on the same day as the release of each DLC, & they will let players who don’t have the expansion to get the Pokemon added in each DLC using methods like trading. It means that a player who has bought the Crown Tundra DLC can capture the new creature & trade them with buddies who don’t have the DLC but have saved the update.

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