Ghostwire Tokyo: Couch Split-screen and Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Save, Cross Gen Play:

Control a hero who possesses supernatural powers, & battle against foes on the streets of Tokyo. Face threats & creatures & discover the city’s traditional stories & plots.

Ghostwire Tokyo only offers a single player story campaign. Multiplayer mode is unavailable in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Does Ghostwire Tokyo Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Ghostwire Tokyo Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
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Offline Split-Screen Co-op


Online Co-op


Offline VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer / Cross Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Progression / Cross Save


Cross Gen Save



Ghostwire Tokyo Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer:

Ghostwire Tokyo does not support Local Split-screen & Online Co-op Multiplayer.


Ghostwire Tokyo Local & Online PVP Multiplayer:

Ghostwire Tokyo does not provide Local & Online PVP Multiplayer.


Ghostwire Tokyo Cross Play, Cross Gen Play & Cross Save:

Ghostwire Tokyo does not support Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer. Cross Gen Play & Cross Save are not included in Ghostwire Tokyo.


Ghostwire Tokyo Platforms & Release Date:

Ghostwire Tokyo is set to be launched on PC & PS5 on 25 March 2022.


Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay:

Monsters have attacked Tokyo, & the people are quickly vanishing. Start a revenge against the notorious enemies by mastering many skills to reveal the secrets behind the vanishing of people as you will have to confront the unknown in this game.

Discover a new look of Tokyo entangled by creatures. Yokai are supernatural spirits that are haunting Tokyo. Embark on an adventure to protect your family & find the cause of the vanishing of the Tokyo people by travelling to the underworld.

You are equipped with improvable powers & creatures killing abilities so use them wisely when battling against the tough opponents & save the population from the clutches of the evil antagonists.


Ghostwire Tokyo does not support any Multiplayer mode. There is no Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Gen Play & Cross Progression in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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