Pokemon Sword & Shield: New Gigantamax Raid Event is available:

A fresh Max Raid event has started in Sword & Shield. Players can face certain Gigantamax Pokemon in Max Raids more frequently in both versions of the game for a limited time.

Currently players in Pokemon Sword can find Gigantamax Coalossal & Gigantamax Flapple, while those in Pokemon Shield can discover Gigantamax Lapras & Gigantamax Appletun in Max Raids.

The new Max Raid event will launch on the same date as Sword & Shield update, which includes a small portion of the DLC content. After downloading the update, players will face a new enemy from the Isle of Armor DLC. The enemy you encounter will be different based on the game version: Players in Pokemon Sword will face Klara who is a Poison type trainer, while Pokemon Shield players will encounter Avery who is a Psychic trainer.

Sword & Shield: New Gigantamax Raid event

Also players can capture a new Pokemon: Galarian Slowpoke. They can discover a special object in the Isle of Armor DLC which will cause it to evolve into Galarian Slowbro, while an object from Crown Tundra DLC will evolve it into Galarian Slowking.

The Isle of Armor DLC is set to be released in June, & the Crown Tundra DLC will launch in fall. Both are available in the expansion pass; which costs $30 & players can buy it now. Purchasing them will grant them an additional bonus: A Pikachu costume & Eevee costume for trainer.


  1. Only drawback of Pokemon games is that they are not challenging

    1. Hello Callum!
      I'm happy to be aware of that! Thank you for dropping a comment 😀


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