An interview with game Developer, Convict Games:

Convict Games, an Aussie remote story game Company, was founded on 5th July, 2017.  Its prime motivation being to establish itself as a Company that tells high impact and alternative stories that are equivalent in standard not only to stories of cinema, television, fiction or non-fiction, but also strive for novelty and uniqueness. STONE was one such attempt.

Convict Games is working on a rare story with unusual characters. While playing Stone, the player will get reference filled witty dialogue. The dialogues will help the player to choose what he says on various occasions and the licensed music will blow him away.
Convict Games - Game Developer Interview

Convict Games is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The interview session follows with Gregory Louden, Chief Convict of Convict Games.

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself and your team?

A. Convict Games is a new Aussie remote story game company telling high impact and alternative stories. We've got Convicts in Helsinki, Los Angeles and Sydney and Melbourne that have worked on our debut STONE. Convict was founded by my co-director Sarah and I on 5th of July 2017. Our goal is to make an Aussie story game company that will tell high impact and alternative stories. Typically, the sort of stories in cinema, tv or literature. Once we had that goal we came up with the motto of “Breaking free since 2017”. Which means we’re trying to do something fresh with our stories rather than follow others.

As well as Convict Games I’ve worked in AAA and film vfx and animation on projects like Control, Downward Spiral: Horus Station and Quantum Break in games and Gravity, WWZ, Prometheus, Happy Feet 2, Sucker Punch and Legend of the Guardians in VFX.

Q2. How and when did your interest in games development and production begin?

A. The first game which really struck me was Doom on PC and to me it was one of the coolest things I’d seen. From that point on I was hooked and was always attracted to story games. I never considered it as a career until university where when I was studying computer science I decided it was a real job and could be something I’d be good at. From that point on I wanted to work in games and was lucky enough to work in film too along the way.

Q3. Please tell us about the awesome Stone?

A. STONE is an interactive story / walking sim, so super super story driven. We’re also doing a story that’s never been told in games with characters unlike the usual. While playing there’s constantly reference filled and witty dialogue like a great hip hop track. So mechanically in the game you walk, talk, interact, dance, and drink. However, the dialogue will keep you hooked, you can choose what you say on occasions and the licensed music will blow you away.

Q4. What was the challenging things about making Stone?

A. STONE was self-funded and self-published on Steam. It was hard to give up my income in AAA and pay for the whole project. I sacrificed a lot to build STONE and it was not an easy year to make the game. However, Film Victoria came in to help with our release on iOS and Xbox which helped us a lot. Self-funding your own games at a professional level is very hard and it’s for the brave.

Q5. How do you organize and plan your project work?

A. STONE was made remotely so I had to plan the project a lot. From time zones, to production deadlines, demos, marketing and more. My biggest rule was to hire good people, give them a clear schedule and let them do their job. Everyone delivered who worked on STONE and I’m very proud of the game we made.

Q6. What are the most challenging issues in video game design?

A. Breaking rules is always hard, but it needs to be done. For me the worst game design is something you’ve played before. My biggest rule is to do new things and game design should follow this too.

Q7. What suggestions would you like to give to the newcomers in the game development?

A. Make games. It’s never been easier and to get a career in games you need to be an expert. Download Unreal or Unity, follow tutorials and it’s possible to make a career making games, but you will probably have to move to where the work is and work hard to get the job.

Q8. What are your new projects?

A. We just released STONE on Xbox One and we’re in pre-production on our new game. It’s going to be very different to STONE, a new IP, but still a true Convict Game.

Convict Games is a recent company and we believe it will have a future in Video Games Industry. They are in pre-production on its new game. It is assumed to be different from STONE. We believe it too will be awesome.

Thank you, Convict Games for taking time for the interview and sharing your personal views.


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