Grand Guilds Review | Story | Gameplay:

A narrative driven, strategic role playing game with unique card fight mechanics. The game will allow you & your allies to travel the lands of Irin, a continent on the edge of fight, while involving in a challenging strategic fight.

In this game location, land & your action points will determine the difference b/w win or lose.

A different set of skill cards will make the skills of your units, which will make every turn further dynamic & every choice will be vital.

Adapt every character to your choice by modifying their skill decks. Learn fresh skills by finishing missions or improve your playable characters.

Complete daring, procedural quests that let you earn stunning bonuses. Enhance your guild’s reputation to gain rewards that will help you in fight.

Every character has its own mechanics & skills that allow them to become eligible for various positions in your team.

Reveal the truth of the Irin, a land on the edge of fight. The game will let you follow Eliza & her allies as they travel through the expansive planet.

Can you assist Eliza in her adventure to protect the stunning land of Irin?

Grand Guilds Review

Grand Guilds Story:

It is a tale about the endeavor of protagonist Eliza and her selected squad as they fight with unshakable determination to avoid a fight.

Grand Guilds Story
Grand Guilds Story
(Image Credit: Drix Studios)

The protagonist returns to the apparently peaceful city after a long adventure. However, she was surprised to find that the city was suddenly put on edge by some corrupt people. The protagonist and her companions are determined to arrest them and find out their mysterious plans.

Grand Guilds Gameplay:

Gameplay is made up of 2 main features – the fight & the over world. The fight of the game puts you in a fight against rivals controlled by artificial intelligence in a strategic grid map, while the over world will allow you to manage your heroes, party & missions. 

The game provides a different fight experience using a skill card system. Grand Guilds is a combination of tactical role playing game & card game where playable characters can move in a grid based map but the abilities of the players are in the form of cards. The game allows you to control a max. of 3 playable characters per fight.

Grand Guilds Gameplay
Grand Guilds Gameplay
(Image Credit: Drix Studios)

Every hero in your team starts with a collection of cards which has a set number & they draw one skill card per turn. Every skill consumes action points & a max. of 5 action points is available.

Grand Guilds Key Features:

  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
  • Developer: Drix Studios
  • Publisher: Drix Studios
  • Release Date (PC & Switch): 26 March, 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PS4

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