An interview with Florian of 3dRudder:

Put your feet on the 3dRudder and experience a complete, natural, and precise motion control in video games!

3dRudder can help VR gamers to use their feet to move, lean and turn. It also accelerates or reduce speed. While hands are free to shoot, grab, pull or perform other actions.

3dRudder is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The interview session is conducted with Florian from 3D Rudder who is in charge of relationships with partner game studios.

Hello Florian and a warm welcome to Games Cover!

Interview with Florian of 3dRudder

Q1. Would you Please introduce yourself and tell us about your product, 3dRudder?

Hi! I’m Florian from 3dRudder, I’m in charge of relationships with partner game studios. The 3dRudder is the first ever foot-based VR motion controller. It enables you to move with your feet in VR by tilting the device forward/backward, left/right, or by rotating it. Can also make you move up/down in some games/experiences. Good news is you have your hands completely free from the management of locomotion to focus more on Pure VR gameplay. This makes the gameplay in most games more intuitive, immersive and accessible.

Q2. What inspire you into making 3dRudder?

The idea behind the 3dRudder is freeing your hands so they can do more. Moving with your feet doesn’t only feel more immersive, it also enables you to have a better control of your weapons or anything you can hold in your hands in VR, especially on PSVR.

Q3. Which challenges have you faced while making 3dRudder?

Many challenges: Making the product understandable to the public, especially since VR is still a niche market; dealing with giant companies such as Sony, Microsoft, HTC or Facebook whereas we are still a small French start-up company.

Q4. What sort of games and experiences does 3dRudder work best with?

Definitely the experiences in which you have movement and in which you have a lot do to with your hands. For instance, games like The Wizards, Sairento, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, Immortal Legacy, Space Junkies, Scraper VR on PlayStation. On PC, the 3dRudder is compatible with almost all VR games since the 3dRudder dashboard can map the controls of the hand controllers. Which means you can play Skyrim, Doom, Tilt Brush etc.

Q5. What are its benefits?

Its benefits are multiple. For instance, on PSVR, the 3dRudder give you the possibility to have progressive speed, which is impossible with the PS Move. Also, it enables you to go backwards without having to point your PS Move behind your back, which means you can go backwards while keeping shooting your enemies, pretty handy in games like Immortal Legacy, Space Junkies or Sairento. Also, controlling your movement with the 3dRudder is super natural and intuitive, more than any other locomotion controls I know of.

Q6. Could you briefly elaborate some of the key new features of the 3dRudder that were not available at launch?

What we are expanding is the list of compatible games and hardware. Every month we add new titles to our list of compatible games as well as new hardware. For instance, the PC 3dRudder is compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which was not the case at launch. We are also launching a 3dRudder for Oculus, for professional use only. We keep making the device available on as many platforms as possible.

Q7. Which new features you intend to add to 3dRudder in future?

We are looking at adding more compatible games and HMDs.

Q8. Anything on your mind that you would like to share with us?

The 3dRudder is also great for some NON VR games! Compatible with all of them on PC since you can use the 3dRudder as a keyboard, joystick/HOTAS or even mouse. And some players feel it’s particularly good for some shooting games like Fortnite as you can move with your feet in the game and have your left/right hand focusing more on buildfights for instance and not moving.

3dRudder can be used for non VR games
3dRudder can be used for some non VR games
(Image Credit: 3dRudder)

We wish Florian greater achievements! Thank you, for your cooperation and sharing experiences with us. I believe 3dRudder is a very cool product and a great addition to the VR industry.

Fans, 3D Rudder is out now and it costs $119. If you are interested in buying it or want to find more information about it then visit 3D Rudder website.


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