MLB The Show 20 Review / Gameplay /  New Modes:

Baseball season is about to begin, & it is the best time to release a new MLB game. This time MLB features Javier Baez who plays for Chicago Clubs. He has become one of the top marketable superstars of the sport in the previous few seasons.

MLB The Show 20 is a baseball video game & is the fifteenth installment in the MLB: The Show series. Cover star of the game is Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Baez.

Minor League Baseball players are licensed for the first time ever in the game series. Alex Miniak is the commentator; Heidi Watney is the sideline reporter & Matt Vasgersian, Mark DeRosa & Dan Plesac are the play-by-play commentators.

MLB The Show 20 Review


Due to coronavirus outbreak, baseball season is on hold but still you can enjoy MLB The Show 20 video game at home.


MLB The Show 20 is much enhanced & it provides multiple exciting interactive modes.

MLB The Show 20 Review
MLB The Show 20 Review
(Image Credit: Sony)


When it comes to graphics, MLB The Show 20 has absolutely nailed it. It is aesthetically appealing & athletes look very similar to their original appearances, stadiums are highly detailed, crowds & everything else is closer to reality.

In MLB The Show 20 facial renders are sharper as compared to previous games in the series. Difference is clearly visible in many of the renders.

Graphical Comparison - MLB 19 vs MLB 20
Graphical Comparison - MLB 19 vs MLB 20
(Image Credit: Sony)

Lighting & textures are more enhanced in this game. Every year you will find a little improvements to lighting & textures that are only visible to somebody who has played each game in the series.

You can find improvement in animations & textures, which offers a realistic experience.


The crowds in this game look great, & you will hear lots of noise & chatter, & reaction from crowds & sportsmen when things happen. Audio of MLB The Show 20 is better than the previous game. I think the series is improving in every aspect.


You can experience further realistic outcomes during batting, & a collection of modes add fun to the gameplay.

A new mode Showdown is available inside Diamond Dynasty which is a great addition. Also modes from previous MLB games return.

You can find few modifications in the hitting.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay:

The game features very accurate pitch mechanics & swing controls are user friendly. The issue of hitting with timing is fixed. Mistimed swings result in a foul, but proper swing timing is rewarding. Fielding & catch mechanics are improved.

Gameplay Engine & AI Overhaul:

The game features improved batting, pitching & fielding. Player needs accurate moves & fast thinking to win matches.

New in Diamond Dynasty:

Win the games & receive big prizes in a new mode called “Showdown”. Diamond Dynasty is a fantastic version in which you can get new experience & updates.

Custom Leagues:

Choose a league type. You can pick a 40-Man Live MLB League, which includes forty-man rosters of all thirty-teams. Player can be a GM & can make bright trades.

Minor Leagues:

In long run, Baseball teams rely on minor league stars. For the first time ever, the game includes complete Minor League rosters. So now, Tim Tebow can be in the Mets farm system & squads like Baltimore can get local talent.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay
(Image Credit: Sony)

Relocation & Rebranding:

When you start playing the Franchise Mode, you can see player move a team anywhere & pick out team’s logo, cleats, caps, & even more fun.

MLB The Show 20 Key Features:

  • Release Date: 17 March 2020
  • Developer: San Diego Studio
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment


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