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Moons of Madness Review | Gameplay | Story

Moons of Madness Review:

A first person narrative driven thriller. Moons of Madness is created by Rock Pocket Games & distributed by Funcom.

Moons of Madness Review

Moons of Madness Story:

A strange signal is recorded & it is coming from Mars. This signal confused scientists so they kept it hidden & they started building of Trailblazer Alpha which is a Mars research base in order to know more about this message.

Players will control Shane Newehart, who works as an engineer at Trailblazer Alpha & you do not know anything about this strange message. Players will have this responsibility to keep the lights on until the transport ship arrives bringing with it a new squad to take over players’ responsibilities.

Soon players find out mysterious problems in the systems & remaining squad has not returned from the EVA mission.

The game allows players to see & hear things that do not exist.

Moons of Madness Gameplay:

Explore a base on Mars & overcome obstacles.

Initially everything goes well & scientists are successful in constructing the base on Mars. However, the playable character falls into insanity, & he finds it difficult to distinguish hallucinations from reality.

Moons of Madness Gameplay
Moons of Madness Gameplay
(Image Credit: Funcom)

The game will force players to face seclusion & fears. Shane will think whether he has hallucinations & frightening visions, or is it real.

Players can see all action from first person view.

During Moons of Madness, players not only have to face external dangers in the form of strange forces coming from the foreign planet but also have to face their own fears. The playable character will gradually fall into insanity, & players will be able to see its effect on the screen because players will soon lose consciousness of the surrounding. Although the mind projections of Shane seem to be detached from reality, they are linked to reality, reflecting events from his past.

Moons of Madness Specifications:

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Rock Pocket Games
  • Publisher: Funcom
  • Franchise: Funcom
  • Release Date (PS4 & Xbox One): 24 March 2020
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One & PC Windows

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