An interview with Studio Namaapa's designer and artist, Rizki Andhika:

Studio Namaapa is pioneered by two persons, who worked on a game project called Nusakana which was an immense success. The Studio has recently released a new game called Ciel Fledge. This game is about raising an adopted daughter in a future world that still has hope. Featuring compelling management gameplay and a loveable cast of characters, it is for the players to take care of Ciel until she reaches adulthood and is capable to fledge the nest.

Studio Namaapa - Game Developer Interview

Studio Namaapa is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The interview session is conducted with a worthy designer and artist, Mr. Rizki Andhika.

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself, your team and your games.

A. Hello, my name is Rizki Andhika, I’m a game designer and artist. We are a two-man team called Studio Namaapa from Indonesia. Established in 2015, we have released two games now. First is Nusakana, our debut title in 2015 and Ciel Fledge, which had just released on 21 February.

Q2. What got you into making games and making indie games in particular?

A. First of all we both are gamers; I think that is the common main reason why every gamedevs got into making games. Making indie games particularly since we enjoy the creativity freedom of not giving into current market trends and demand, limiting the scope of our imaginations.

Q3. Which one of your games do you like the most?

A. As for me personally, it’s our first game called Nusakana. We are going into the business of making games blind, without knowing how to sell, it was started purely on passion. Although the game release is quite obscure in terms of discovery and sales, we started to receive positive feedbacks and fans who are really enjoying the game. I think that is the main reason why I’m proud of Nusakana. It’s small audience, but to make people happy from what I created, I think that is the source of our happiness and pride.

Q4. What do you think is special about creating Video Games, as opposed to other art forms?

A. I think the fact that it’s two-way interaction. In video games, it’s as if you are included in “the action”, especially RPG games or any games with non-linearity, you choose and decide the path of the protagonists. This is what set it apart from other art forms where you can only enjoy what is presented without being able to interfere and being a part of it.

Q5. What in your opinion are the main characteristics of a good game?

A. Personally I think the ability to deliver a unique gaming experience you won’t find in the mainstream or AAA games, whether it’s in the gameplay, or storyline.

Q6. What makes Studio Namaapa unique in the game development industry?

A. This is purely subjective answer but I think you will find our games particularly unique compared to others in the same genre. There is also the fact that we are based in Indonesia, a country which is very obscure in the map of game development.

Q7. What else besides games do you enjoy doing?

A. If I’m not playing games and working, I’m enjoying sports particularly running. I’m currently training and aiming to participate in a full marathon race later this year!

Thank you, Mr. Rizki for taking time with us and sharing views. I wish you best of luck for future. Stay blessed!


  1. Reading has never been so exciting. I enjoyed every bit of this interview. Good work

    1. Hi Levi!
      Thanks for a positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed this interview. Stay blessed!

  2. Such an amazing team of 2 people with so much talent. Great interview and very interesting share. Looking forward to know more about these talented people sitting behind computer and doing all these amazing things.

    1. Hi Chris!
      Thanks for the kind words. We will add more interviews soon. Stay in touch & enjoy rest of your day


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