Educational Games For Kids During Corona Virus Quarantine. Educational Mobile Games For Children during COVID-19 Outbreak.

Kids are specially advised to remain indoor and observe social distancing & isolation as it is one of the preventive strategies against COVID-19.

Corona virus is very dangerous for children & old. Young people have strong immunity so they may survive it but this disease could prove deadly against kids & old.

If you have more than one kid at home, then save them from pandemic by isolating them. In order to achieve this goal, you need to offer free games to them. Free games do not cost money & kids like new game after playing old one for a day or two or more. So there are tons of free games available & kids like almost everything that has fun.

To make things easier for parents, we have added a collection of educational games for Kids that will help children revise their syllabus at home.

Educational Games For Kids During Quarantine

Educational Games For Kids During Quarantine:

Kids lose a lot of what they have learned at school during long vacation. Kids show decline in studies during vacation & according to researches, kids forget quickly. So it is advisable to involve them in educational activities such as offering them free educational games & books that refresh their concepts.

Let us concentrate on school going kids who might be fascinated by educational type games with child-friendly themes. Following is a list of such games considered child friendly.

Bubadu Kids Games:

Play Bubadu Kids Games During Quarantine
Educational Games For Kids During Quarantine - Bubadu Kids Games
(Image Credit: Bubadu.Com)

Bubadu is the name of a popular developer studio that has delivered numerous kids games many of them are considered amazing. Undoubtedly, all the games don’t have educational significance but they are entertaining in nature.

Let us consider the games related to being a doctor, being a dentist, going to the supermarket and more creative games like making cakes and building objects.

These games are easy to learn and developed with the objective to convey simple ideas.

The Endless Kids Games:

The Endless Kids Games
Educational Games For Kids During Quarantine - The Endless Kids Games
(Image Credit: Originator Inc.)

These are simple games related to various educational topics including “Endless Alphabet”, “Endless Numbers”, Endless Wordplay” and so on. Such games are a bit expensive but contain abundant of know-how and educational values for the kids.

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock:

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock
Free Educational Game For Kids - Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock
(Image Credit: Human Heroes Ltd)

It is a child-friendly game incorporating profound educational material. It comprises a cluster of mini-games that demonstrates how the idea of time works. The game also contains some complex material which makes it exciting for the older players as well.

LEGO Games:

Educational Mobile Games For Children - Lego Games
Educational Mobile Games For Children - Lego Games
(Image Credit: Lego)

These are adventurous kind of kid’s games. They have range of titles comprising of comic book games, Star Wars games etc. These are simple to play and fortunately most are free.

PBS Kids Games:

Educational Mobile Games- PBS Kids Games
Educational Mobile Games - PBS Kids Games
(Image Credit: PBS Kids)

A large collection of these games are child-friendly, simple to learn and interesting to play.

Majority of PBS games are free.

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