Top action-adventure games to play during COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak:

Corona virus is a deadly virus and the only way to keep yourself and your family safe is by remaining indoor as much as possible, washing hands or using sanitizers and observing social distancing as much as possible. Sars-cov-2 which is the other name of corona virus has killed so many people in United States & Europe. Older people are specially advised to take care of themselves.
Corona Outbreak is at full swing & people are nowadays hiding in their homes to avoid this pandemic. If it catches you then you are a carrier & you can send this virus to other members of your family or people close to you. Only solution is to avoid catching this virus & stop its spread if you accidentally catch it. In order to achieve this objective, people keep social distancing. Pandemic can be lethal so take this stuff seriously.

Play 5 best video games during Covid-19 Outbreak

People are already figuring out what activities they can do while staying at home. There are numerous ways to entertain yourself at home. We came up with an idea that playing action / adventurous games can help you spend good time at home. It is also advisable to keep yourself healthy. Keeping yourself fit can help you raise your immunity & make yourself fit enough to fight Corona. The amazing thing about this virus is that it hurts the weak ones & strong people are not affected.

We have collected 5 top action / adventurous games for spending good time at home.

Full Metal Furies:

The game is depicting an imaginary universe in which scientific narrative is beautifully blended with ancient legends of Greece folklores. The modern innovative elements are contrasted with the prehistoric titans and other legendary monsters. The titans are the antagonists who are confronted by the protagonist warriors who must unite themselves to inflict crushing defeat at the monsters and save the world from annihilation.

Play Full Metal Furies during Covid-19 Outbreak
Play Full Metal Furies during Covid-19 Outbreak
(Image Credit: Cellar Door Games)

Rayman Legends:

The legend says that the protagonist crisscrossed all the succeeding stages with objectives to protect the world from destruction. In this regard the designers have carefully arranged a combination of several mythological settings including the prehistoric Greece civilization to the primitive fortresses of medieval ages. As is characteristically expedient, the protagonist gets all the assistance from his companions including the Globox.

Play Rayman Legends during Covid-19 Outbreak
Play Rayman Legends during Covid-19 Outbreak
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

Overcooked 2:

In this categorization, the second entrance is made by Onion Empire which we saved in the first game from impending annihilation. However, this time we are facing a new kind of danger which is in the form of undead militia known as unbread. Our success depends on putting chef’s cap on and preparing for conflict against the unbread crowd by winning the catering encounters.

Play Overcooked 2 during Covid-19 Outbreak
Play Overcooked 2 during Covid-19 Outbreak
(Image Credit: Team17)

Zombie World Apocalypse VR:

This game is set in future. Scientists discovered a way to treat all illnesses of this world, but the test led to horrible consequences that players need to discover.

The game allows players to play as the top soldier who is thrown into secret labs to discover what happened there.

Ambiance of levels will scare players & they need to search the surroundings constantly such as they must find a flashlight to save their life. The game features convenient controls, & weapons behave realistically in this game.

Zombies in this game have different unique behaviors. They can scare players so players need to be aware of what is around them, & use their weapons & battle for survival. They must not forget that this is the last chance to beat the 21st century plague & they can only save this world.


A side scrolling arcade shooter with a split screen multiplayer mode, stunning 3D visuals & the game features action. It is a remake of the original game launched 27 years ago & at that time it was named Utopos.

Play Guntech during Covid-19 Outbreak
Play Guntech during Covid-19 Outbreak
(Image Credit: Utopos Games)

In this game, players will fly a spacecraft in an asteroid field, finish quests to gather objects & crack riddles, while shooting at foes & destroying asteroids.

The game offers 3 modes: split screen multiplayer for 2 players, narrative driven adventure, & racing mode.

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