Build DIY Arduino Amazon Echo using 1sheeld for helping athletes:

DIY Arduino Amazon Echo is very important for athletes. It can play your favorite track only by asking for it with voice command while you are busy in workout. If you want to know about time, then ask for it & you will be immediately updated with real time & date. If you like to go outside & enjoy, but curious to know about weather status then it can update you quickly. And it can do more than that so isn’t it a cool idea to build one for yourself? Read rest of this article if you are interested in building it.

Build DIY Arduino Amazon Echo using 1sheeld

Watch tutorial for building DIY Arduino Amazon Echo at home.

How to build Arduino Amazon Echo using 1sheeld

I have built a DIY Arduino Amazon Echo using 1sheeld which responds after hearing my commands. It is a multi-purpose device that is able to play songs, turn on & off room lights, update me with news & weather, & also let me know what’s the date & time, & the best thing about this echo is, I only need to give voice commands.

I have got all the parts needed to build this echo. The first component I have used is 1sheeld. It is an Arduino platform that turns it into 40 different Arduino shields such as voice recognition, GPS, camera, text to speech, internet etc.

Sit 1sheeld on top of Arduino & the communication can be done via Bluetooth to the Arduino software, for moving data b/w this device & your mobile.

I have used 5 shields from over 40 shields available in this amazing board. One of them is voice recognition which understands my commands when I speak to it.

Another shield I have used from 1sheeld is music player which can play my favorite songs.

3rd of them is text to speech converter which allows Arduino to respond to my commands with voice.

The fourth shield I have used is Clock which sends current time when I ask for it.

The final shield I have used is internet which is the best one in this project. It can be used for knowing about weather.

Now it is time to build Arduino Amazon Echo & stay updated. And if you are really interested in learning how to build this then click on the URL: How to build DIY Arduino Amazon Echo using 1sheeld

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