Comparison between Wasteland 3 & Wasteland 2 | Wasteland 3 vs Wasteland 2:

Wasteland-3 is lovelier and refined when compared with Wasteland-2. It has a streamlined conflict and has improved the gaming scenario. We have compared certain features of Wasteland 3 with Wasteland 2 below:

Comparison of Wasteland 3 with Wasteland 2
(Image Credit: inXile Entertainment)

Wasteland 3 seems more lustrous and more extensive form of its old prototype, Wasteland 2. It is because the game is many times expensive when budgetary calculations are considered. As per the accounts of the game developers, it costs three times more than the predecessor.

Wasteland 3 vs Wasteland 2 - Locations
Wasteland 3 vs Wasteland 2 - Locations
(Image Credit: inXile Entertainment)

The narrative of Wasteland-3 shifts from the dry settings of Arizona and Los Angeles to the chilly altitudes of Colorado. The story is related to an aboriginal chief known as the Patriarch who heads a community established by previously extra-rich Armageddon preppers.

The gameplay reveals that the player has a squad of seven combatants in a vehicle that drives through the snowy landscape. The journey though bumpy yet enjoyable as the vehicle negotiates its turns from side to side over snow-white roads and in the process jerking up snow upwards and sideways. The player then drives over hilly bumpy and treacherous roads until arriving at a point where combat is planned by the developers of the game.

The game contains a number of fights between the player who is assisted by a trained and dedicated squad of fighters and the notorious gangsters including the robotic elements.

Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3
(Image Credit: inXile Entertainment)

The player has a regiment of qualified fighting experts. Every one displaying valour and proficiency in fighting skills and each is equipped with two weapons which gets up-gradation during the encounter. Moreover, they accumulate new weapons and upgrade skills while the battle is still raging.


Wasteland 2 & Wasteland 3 are both role-playing video games developed by inXile Entertainment & published by Deep Silver.

Release Date:

Wasteland 2 was released on September 19, 2014 while Wasteland 3 releases on August 28, 2020.


Both games are developed with Unity game engine.  


In terms of graphics, Wasteland 3 is the best in the series till date. With detailed graphics, the game characters & the wildernesses they populate, totally comes to life. Wasteland 3’s visuals are as good as any other similar game.


Both games have an intense soundtrack that shows the combat intensity along with hostility.

Controls Windows:

Wasteland 3 Basic Controls for Windows (PC):
  • Left Click in order to select, Right Click for movement.
  • Space Bar is used for selecting your whole party.
  • TAB is used to rotate in-between group members (even in combat situation).
  • SHIFT key is used to highlight intractable.   

Camera Controls Windows:

Wasteland 3 Basic Controls for Windows (PC):
  • WASD keys are used to pan the camera, or in order to move your mouse to the screen edge.
  • Q & E keys rotate the camera.
  • Middle Mouse Zooms / Click & hold for rotating your game camera.
  • Backspace resets the camera angle view to its default setting.   
Wasteland 2 did not have such a detailed game controls & Camera Controls for Windows (PC) compared to Wasteland 3.

We have done comparison in certain features of Wasteland 3 with Wasteland 2. I hope you like it & let us know your remarks in the comment below:

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