Comparison of WRC 9 and WRC 8 | Graphics, Gameplay, Locations, & Career Mode of WRC 9 vs WRC 8:

WRC 9 also called World Rally Championship 9 is the game having official license of the World Rally Championship 2020. It is from the developers of Kylotonn & is set to be released on 3 September 2020. WRC 9 is published by Bigben Interactive.

Pleasure to inform that ‘Nacon & KT Racing’ are also confirming to develop & release ‘WRC 10 and WRC 11’ sooner or later.

The sponsors have also confirmed ‘WRC 10’ & ‘WRC 11’ after procedural agreements with developers & other stake holders.

WRC 9 vs WRC 8
(Image Credit: Bigben Interactive)

WRC 9 is the 9th game in the WRC series. In this game, you can drive your favorite rally & compete in the rally season of 2020. You can take the driver seat, & drive fresh & newer rallies to battle for triumph against real racers.

In comparison with WRC 8, the new game has upgraded driving model. The developers have tried to take a realistic approach, & made it closer to reality. Realistic features include improvement in vehicle suspension, braking & mass transfer on various types of tracks in various conditions.

Important achievements - Gamers have wide option to choose from 400 KM routes from all 13 tracks.

‘KT Racing’ has brought much improvements, refinements & innovations in the performance of motor cars.

Graphics Comparison (WRC 9 vs WRC 8):

Glad to inform that ‘Nacon’ & ‘KT Racing’ have revealed the new video for WRC-9 which is focused on returning to ‘New Zealand Rally’ after a lapse of many years. The comeback is coordinated with ‘Kenya’ & ‘Japan’ rallies. The player can have trip of the shoreline of the ‘North Island’ & can enjoy enchanting views from different camera angles installed in the car.

WRC 9 vs WRC 8 Graphics Comparison
Graphics Comparison
(Image Credit: Bigben Interactive)

Keeping the Championship’s history in view, the New Zealand’s routes are extremely attractive & cherished by the players. There are fast chains of curves & awe-inspiring background which contributes to an unforgettable enchanting experience.

Efforts have been made to reproduce the flourishing plantations, the exceptional ocean sights, combined with beautiful landscape & the entire natural beauty in its true colors. It is expected that the players will certainly enjoy this tour.

Story Mode (Career Mode) of WRC 9 vs WRC 8:

Watch WRC 9 story (career mode) walkthrough:

WRC 9 Story Mode

Watch WRC 8 career mode walkthrough:

WRC 8 Career Mode Walkthrough

The audience appreciated the ‘career-mode’ in ‘WRC-8’ & declared it one of the best in race-gaming events. The system & mechanics has been improved much further in the new game. Overall performance has been improved by incorporating new technological innovations in the newly developed game.

Gameplay of WRC 9 vs WRC 8:

The developers were conscious of the braking-system, suspension-mechanism, & weight-transfer features. These improvements have enabled the gaming car to make efficient response on all kinds of roads & surfaces.

One of the most important features is inclusion of the cutting edge technology & ‘gaming consoles’ which will be made available to motor-sport-gamer on such platforms.

Watch WRC 9 gameplay walkthrough:

WRC 9 Gameplay Walkthrough

Watch WRC 8 gameplay walkthrough:

WRC 8 Gameplay Walkthrough

Besides improving & refining the vehicles performance, there is also news in circulation that 15 additional cars will be added from the history of WRC. The developers have already decided to be much more careful & abide by audience response regarding the inclusion of vehicles in ‘WRC-9’ & in this regard will not repeat the flaws observed in ‘WRC-8’.

It is anticipated that ‘WRC-9’ will be developed on the foundations of ‘WRC 8’ with much refinement & technological up-gradations. The career-mode will be improved with superior gameplay mechanism, incorporation of increased events & links to the motor-sport-games teams who are participating in real-world championship tournaments.

It is believed that ‘WRC-9’ performance will be much improved than ‘WRC-8’ as much refinement has been brought in all aspects of the motorsport game. The new game will incorporate rallies in ‘Kenya’, ‘NZ’ & ‘Japan’.

Comparison of Locations (WRC 9 vs WRC 8):

Glad to mention that ‘KT’ is providing new experiences by adding 3 new events including ‘New Zealand’, ‘Kenya's delightful Safari Rally’ & the ‘Asphalt roads of Japan’.

Watch WRC 9 Locations:

WRC 9 Locations

Watch WRC 8 Locations:

WRC 8 Locations

After up-gradation & conducting refinement of the settings & environments, ‘WRC-9’ will also incorporate three important events including the ‘Safari Rally in Kenya’, the ‘Japan’ rally, & a tour to ‘Hobbits New Zealand’.

WRC 9 Release Date:

The new game will be initially launched on ‘Xbox One’, ‘PS4’ & ‘PC’ on 3 September 2020. However, later on will be made available on ‘Nintendo Switch’ as well. Further details about the release of game on ‘Xbox Series X’ & ‘PlayStation 5’ will be announced subsequently.

The developers have informed to provide more information about ‘WRC-9’ in the near future.


In WRC 8 video game, it seemed as if the car has no weight & the car just float over track. I thought as if the sound felt repetitive. However, in WRC 9 those issues are resolved.


WRC 9 video game features more camera control features compared to its previous installment & view changes, that can clearly show gamer different camera angles. Therefore, gamer can see the car’s interior, bonnet, & enjoy the view from a third person perspective.


Both games feature Single-player video game experience along with Multiplayer video game experience.

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