Simple tutorial for controlling robotic hand using MyoWare EMG Muscle Sensor:

It is easy to control robotic hand using MyroWare EMG muscle sensor & we have provided a step by step tutorial to achieve it.

Let's get started:

Connect MyoWare EMG sensor to any muscle. Then check its max & min values in the serial monitor. When muscle is released then values coming from EMG sensor will be minimum. As soon as you close the muscle, values will increase. You must try it & see how much strength you have in your muscles. The harder you press your muscle, the greater the values will be.

Control robotic hand using MyoWare Muscle Sensor

Also this tutorial describes how you can move a server motor after reading incoming data from EMG sensor. This can help you make a robotic hand & every finger is controlled by a servo motor. So you will have 5 servo motors & fingers of robotic hand close or open with opening & closing of your hand. First you need to connect EMG sensor to your forearm & then EMG sensor will send those values to your serial monitor. Thus arduino will send those values to servo motors which will close or open robotic hand.

In the same way you can connect MyoWare EMG sensor to other muscles like bicep, calf or head.

Video Tutorial:

In this video tutorial you can learn how to control a robotic hand using MyoWare EMG muscle sensor:

Control robotic hand using MyoWare EMG Muscle Sensor
Video Credits: Mert Arduino

Steps required for connecting MyoWare EMG sensor to muscle, reading incoming data from muscle, & sending  this data to control a robotic hand:

Step 1: Connect MyoWare EMG sensor to muscle:

Image Credit: Mert Arduino

Clean the skin before connecting MyoWare EMG sensor. First electrode closest to wires of MyoWare should be attached to the middle of the muscle. The second electrode should be connected to the end of the muscle. The final electrode with the black wire must be connected to the end of the muscle. 

Step 2: Read MyoWare EMG sensor data:

Opening AnalogSerialRead
Opening AnalogSerialRead

This sensor sends analog input data that is readable through an analog input of Arduino. You need to open File à Arduino à Examples à Basics à AnalogRealSerial to read data coming from MyoWare sensor.

Uploading AnalogSerialRead
Uploading AnalogSerialRead

Upload AnalogRealSerial code to Arduino board.

Opening Serial Monitor
Opening Serial Monitor

Open serial monitor. When you flex your muscle, the values enhance & reduce when you release it.

Step 3: Control Robotic Hand:

Control Robotic Hand using Myoware Muscle Sensor
Control Robotic Hand using Myoware Muscle Sensor
Image Credit: Mert Arduino

You can connect a servo to Arduino. Source code for servo is available here. Upload the source code. 

Also connect 4 more servos if you want to control a robotic hand. Each servo can control 1 finger of the hand.

Find the list of components required for this tutorial below:

Schematics & Source Code:

Thank you for reading this tutorial. If you have any question then don't hesitate to ask us in the comment. Also provide your feedback.


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