Dirt 5 Improvements, Upgrades, New Features, Updates & News:

Dirt 5 is a racing game mainly concentrated on ‘off-road racing’. The game pertains to racing on various routes round the entire world including, Arizona, Italy, Brazil, Norway, China & New York City. To ensure variety, different seasons will be selected for different locations. Interesting to mention that up to 4 players will be able to play simultaneously.

The game launches on Xbox One, PS4, & PC on 9 October 2020 as well as on PS5 & Xbox Series X later. The game releases on Google Stadia in early 2021.

Dirt 5 contains fresh modes, new ways to play the game, & the game contains new concepts that are going to drive series in a new direction. Also fan favorite career mode is available that lets you start your career as an unknown & ultimately become the best racer. Troy Baker (the voice actor of Joel in The Last of Us) & Nolan North (the voice actor of Drake in Uncharted) are your mentors in Dart 5 career mode & they will instruct you about sponsorship deals, strategies of racing, & help you in more ways. Career mode includes decisions that can shape your career based on the decisions that you make in b/w races. Career & offline modes include split-screen for up to 4 gamers.

In this game you can travel the whole planet as there are 70 tracks across the complete world. Roads & dynamic weather will have an effect on the gameplay such as gravel, ice, snow, & more such terrains will affect your driving performance. There is a huge list of vehicles that you can choose from, & you can further edit them & customize them to suit your style.

Dirt 5 Improvements, New Features, Updates and News
Dirt 5 Improvements, New Features, Updates and News
(Image Credit: Codemasters)

Fresh roads are available in Dirt 5 & fan favorite modes are returning such as Gymkhana Mode, & you can upgrade this game from current console to next-generation console.

New details about the game is announced, such as returning modes, 10 fresh routes, & a free of cost upgrade for those owing PS5, who purchased the PS4 game copy. Just like PS5, Xbox Series X users will get a digital upgrade to the Xbox Series X version if they are owners of Xbox One version.

Landrush offers a rough road that is build up on the concept of circuit. There are jolting jumping & sections of the track are challenging for players. Weather & route condition alters while progressing during the event.

Rally Raid lets you drive your vehicle in extreme off-road. The dares of this mode are point to point with split roads, where racers have to make quick choices.

Ice Breaker allows gamers to fight short circuits that is completely set on ice. Controlling the throttle & accurate drifting are important to win over in Ice Breaker mode.

Stampede is a difficult & very challenging terrain, designed for rough & tough vehicles. You will race over mud & sand during this route.

Path Finder is a fresh mode which focuses on acceleration & tactic that are very important for glory.

Sprint offers craziest amplified racing. This is the best track for those looking for drift.

Ultra Cross is a diverse road with unexpected circuit design.

Dirt 5 is set to be released on Google Stadia as well. However, you must wait until 2021 to get a Stadia copy of the game.

Dirt 5 New Features and Updates
Dirt 5 New Features and Updates
(Image Credit: Codemasters)

Amazingly during tournaments, a narrative mode is available. Furthermore, mentor is available giving advice to the player during racing.

Experience daring racing on numerous routes in various seasons including rock-strewn, ice, snowstorm & sand-powder etc. with different types of vehicles on a 4 players split screen. In short consider Dirt 5 game as the next generation of exciting racing.

Continuing the legacy of extreme-racing, Dirt 5 is a perfect addition with novel characteristics, modernizations & a revolutionary approach making it the nucleus of extreme off-road-racing.

A great adventure is ahead of you as you can take a giant tour round the world on dozens of special routes across 10 worldwide locations with spectacular backgrounds.

Experience a great race which is not only against the rival racer but equally against the challenging environment & hazardous routes.

Dirt 5 Improvements and Upgrades
Dirt 5 Improvements and Upgrades
(Image Credit: Codemasters)

When sitting behind the wheel, enjoy the spotlight as all eyes are focused on you to become a new star in the intensified world of off-road-racing. Win races, & receive promotional prizes. Emerge as a hero at all locations & circumstances by defeating your staunch rivals in the grand contests.

It is up to you to compete with other players or play a cooperative game in off-road-racing.

Experience novel features including capturing your gigantic jumps & splendid performance with a comprehensive Photo-Mode.

By continuing with off-road-racing traditions, Dirt 5 furnishes a far reaching improvement & innovation in the heritage of ‘Dirt’ series which can be termed as courageous & heroic.

Select the ‘Career mode’ & build your pathway to splendor as you proceed through the heroic expedition. Listen & take extra inspiration from the commentary by the renowned ‘Troy Baker’ & ‘Nolan North’, affiliated with the car champions at ‘Donut Media’ & more celebrated names from the motorized field. Ensure to make a splendid mark by successfully surmounting all hindrances to stamp your name in the chronicles of off-road-extreme racing.

Enjoy off-road-extreme racing on numerous routes & in various climatic conditions including rock-strewn, ice, snowstorm & sand etc. with multi-types of vehicles on a 4 players split screen. Many new features are incorporated in the game which makes Dirt 5 as the next generation of extreme racing.

Dirt 5 News and Updates
Dirt 5 News and Updates
(Image Credit: Codemasters)

It is an off-road-extreme racing game which is mainly focused on unique adventure on various routes round the entire world including the ‘frozen East River’ in New York to the ‘marble mines’ of Italy to the ‘Favelas’ of Brazil. To generate interest & ensure variety, different seasons & climatic conditions will be selected for different locations.

Choose your car from the pool. Choose one that is expected to dominate the off-road-extreme racing. The option is yours to select ‘Ariel Nomad’ or ‘Lancia Stratos’ or ‘Citroen C3 R5’.

Dirt 5 is about showing your talent & competencies as a racer. Be the center of all attentions, be acknowledged & be the one to take iconic decisions, while racing on hazardous routes, in adverse circumstances & operating ferocious engines. It is the time to turn your actions into your acknowledgement leading to prestigious reward.

Dirt 5 Reveal Trailer:

Watch Dirt 5 reveal trailer.

Dirt 5 Reveal Trailer

Dirt 5 Features Trailer:

Watch Dirt 5 Features trailer.

Dirt 5 Features Trailer

Dirt 5 Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Franchise: Codemasters, DIRT
  • Release Date: 5 November 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5 & Google Stadia

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