Play free mobile running games during covid-19 (corona virus) lockdown / quarantine 2020:

Running games became popular with the advent of Temple Run series. On the concept of Temple Run, a new game Subway Surfers was launched which lets you run away from guard & his dog. There is no end to this game, & obstacles & settings are generated procedurally. Then mobile game developers have launched many free running games.

We have added 2 of the new free mobile running games that you can play during lockdown 2020 below:

Free mobile running games during lockdown

Run Forrest Run:

Very interesting to play ‘Run Forrest Run’ game designed & produced by ‘Forrest Gump’. You can have continuous running sessions & a lot of opportunities to win money while on the run.

You have liberty to run, jump over barriers & barricades, win coinages & fly if desire.

Play with your buddies, & surprise them with your speed & maneuverability.

Feel fun. You can run, overtake vehicles, take jumps, & even fly, but avoid traffic accidents. Evade vehicles & make drivers envious of your speed.

Limitless running in the wilderness of Vietnam, hurry to complete various stages, explore new locations & landscape, & meet new people on the way.

Enjoy off-line stages without wifi.

Enjoy overtaking with dashing speed. 

Run Forrest Run Game
Run Forrest Run Game
(Image Credit: Genera Games)

Leap forward & evade hindrances on the way.

Play game & enjoy fun of overtaking vehicles, evading impediments & moving forward without looking back.

Let the kids enjoy free games. Kids do laugh when running fast & overcoming all obstacles on the way.

Synchronize with Facebook and google play, contest with your buddies, & be the first to reach the destination.

Experience unending run, jump and flying. Play with your family members. Let your brother and sister get amazed while noticing your speed, skills to evade vehicles in dense traffic & maneuverability.

Jet Run: City Defender:

Much played on the mobile-platform, ‘Jet Run: City Defender’ allows amazing arcade-graphic mode on top of the unending running game-play.

Jet Run: City Defender Game
(Image Credit: Wicked Witch)

Notice the availability of touchscreen control for ‘Jet Run: City Defender’. It is tap-swipe-based. Taping is firing projectile at extraterrestrial creatures while the swiping mechanism is related to evading.

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