Marvel’s Iron Man VR Review, Story, Gameplay, Features & More:

Marvel’s Iron Man VR review is composed of unique content. Everything I like about Marvel’s Iron Man VR gameplay is highlighted. Marvel’s Iron Man VR story depicts the events that take place & connects you to the hero.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Review

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Story:

The protagonist ‘Tony Stark’ has abandoned the profession of armaments manufacturing and currently involved in the creation of innovative tech to fight evil as Iron Man.

For many years the protagonist enjoyed high rank as ‘Super hero’ until confronted by the shadowy ghost acting as anti-company activist and determined to attack and destroy Iron Man’s old weapons throughout the world. These wicked objectives of the shadowy character prompted dangerous situation and led to ultimate confrontation between the two rivals.

The player has to confront the dangerous antagonist in suspenseful and high risk encounters.

Improve and customize the Iron Man’s protective covering, innovative technology and overwhelming competencies.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Story
Marvel’s Iron Man VR Story
(Image Credit: Sony)

The player is playing the important role of the Iron Man, Tony Stark who is challenged by the shadowy ghost acting as anti-company activist with unwavering objective to attack and destroy Iron Man’s weapons throughout the world which led to dangerous situation and ultimate fight between the two adversaries.

The player playing the role of the Super Hero commenced a risky operation to protect the Iron Man’s armaments and in the process save the world from the nefarious destructive plans of the dangerous villain. The Super Hero is confronted by many desperados during the risky mission.

The character of Tony Stark @ Iron Man is provoked by the desperado ghost. In the daring contest the Iron Man started on adventurous-mission which involved leaping through the skies and crushing to pieces any opponent who dare to thwart his ambitions.

The game is depicting treacherous associates, but the important part is played by Tony Stark as an Iron Man who in lethal contests uses his physical power and mental skills against the antagonist ghost.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Gameplay:

It is overwhelmingly stimulating game and perfect for VR system containing everything desired.

Action mostly takes place in flight mode. The flight-controls are amazingly quick to respond. You can enjoy flying whenever you want. Minor movements with the controls let you to navigate, rush forward and halt with much ease.

Player is in full control to decide the destination of Iron Man and his subsequent actions in various situations.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Gameplay
Marvel’s Iron Man VR Gameplay
(Image Credit: Sony)

The gameplay is unbelievably fast and delightful while flying and also during contests with opponents.

The important feature is that you consider yourself as ‘Iron Man’.

While in motion, either hand can hit the antagonists while you rush forward with other. Sometimes you can attack many opponents with one hand and move swiftly with the help of other hand.

It is a fantastic VR game with beautiful and inspiring landscapes.

Marvel's Iron Man VR Key Features:

  • Developer: Camouflaj
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: PS4 (PS VR)
  • Release Date: 3 July, 2020
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Mode: Single-player
  • Platform: PS4 & PS VR

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