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Northern Lights is an endurance game in which the player is performing the role of a forest ranger dispatched on an investigation mission to Siberian-isle with directions to inquire the missing of a crew working as in charge of a top-secret department. His communication with the parent organization was lost due to meteorological conditions.

Northern Lights Story
Northern Lights Story
(Image Credit: MadGoat Studio)

You are playing the role of the forest ranger dispatched on a retrieval operation but unfortunately stuck on a strange isle with unpredictable and radical climatic variations.

Huge whiteouts, subzero temperatures and starving predators are some of the hazards that endangered your presence on the isle.

Exposed to challenging inhospitable surroundings, you find yourself in the midst of extremely harsh and difficult circumstances.

Instead of being a chaser, you have ended up becoming a victim of circumstances.

Though stuck up away from human-dwellings, you are compelled to withstand the unforgiving chilly surroundings.

Northern Lights Review
Northern Lights Review
(Image Credit: MadGoat Studio)

It is becoming difficult to search for provisions or to inquire about the enigmatic missing of the official. You are solely focused on finding return route from the isle.

You have no guidebook about survival strategy in such situations; your victory is governed by your competency and determination to practice some of the rough-country endurance exercises.

It is presumed that once in ‘Northern Lights’, your activities govern your destiny. Your response to critical situations has predictable conclusions. Choose any method of escape but your final objective should be retrieval and existence.

It is important that you are physically and psychologically ready for all kinds of consequences. Ensure to maintain an equilibrium regarding appetite, need for water, maintaining body heat and exhaustion levels, otherwise you might suffer serious health related consequences.

Be resilient to face the hostile climatic conditions. You can perform various activities. You can engage in fishing and hunting for food; always record your environments; have expertise in making essential equipment and other Paraphernalia. And the essential requirement is to protect yourself from the deadly predators and possibly the infection diseases caused by dangerous viruses.

Northern Lights Gameplay
Northern Lights Gameplay
(Image Credit: MadGoat Studio)

Measure your reaction and response to animal world including aggressive predators, bears and wolves.

Experience the thrill of adventure in the land with pure natural environment and stunning beauty. Feel free to conduct adventure on foot or using snow travel vehicle.

Play and have an option of three tough situations – the learners aspiring exploration of the peaceful world or play as an expert desiring to try difficult contest.

Northern Lights Key Features:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
  • Developer: MadGoat Studio
  • Publisher: MadGoat Studio
  • Release Date: 30 June, 2020
  • Platform: PC Windows

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