Play top Apple Arcade games during covid-19 lockdown / quarantine 2020:

Covid-19 outbreak has locked down almost every place of this world, & people are now working or studying from home. People are spending quality time with family & they are looking for more ways to entertain themselves while staying at home. Gamers are free to play different games & they are looking for quality games for time pass.

Top Apple Arcade games during lockdown 2020

If you are looking for top games on Apple Arcade, then your search is over because we have added quality Apple Arcade games that you can enjoy during lockdown 2020. Have a look at them below:

1. Spaceland:

Astonishingly vigorous turn-based approach, revitalizing the performances of the old school campaigns.

Command a squad of awfully desperado fighters to put an end to extra-terrestrial giants and reveal the mystery of the missing planet.

It is a remake of the turn-based game that recollects the memories of the classic board game ‘Space Hulk’, in a colorfully prettier way.

Best Apple Arcade Game - Spaceland
Best Apple Arcade Game - Spaceland
(Image Credit: Tortuga Team)

Guiding a few space rangers, you're examining an alien occupied uninhibited settlement, and forcibly making your way to achieve operational objectives.
  • Form a group of 7 rangers, everyone must be distinctly expert in various contesting approaches.
  • This is the legend of the enigmatic world in the context of the wonderful period of the scientific fictions.
  • 20 various kinds of tough adversaries: from space creatures to dreadful giants.
  • Improving the standards of equipment considered much ahead of its time and enhancing skills of your squad.
  • Discussions among members of your squad, enlightening with unforeseen information about the plot.
  • Interesting and exceptional effects that convert a turn based encounter into a thrilling accomplishment.

2. Mutazione:

The legend says that a girl named ‘Kai’ aged 15 years commenced a long journey to visit peculiar people of ‘Mutazione’ with intention to nurse her sick grandfather, Nonno.

It is believed that a century ago there was a terrible incident which shook the world. According to the legend, a meteor fell on a picnic resort which eliminated most of the local population, however, surprisingly the survivals suffered metamorphosis. The volunteers who responded to help the victims of the disaster were urgently called back. Those who remained stuck in the transmuting surroundings created their own secluded group of Mutazione.

Top Apple Arcade Game - Mutazione
Best Apple Arcade Game - Mutazione
(Image Credit: Akupara Games)

Now come to the present—you are playing the role of the 15 years old girl named ‘Kai’ as she proceeds on a visit to her grandfather with intention to nurse him back to good health, but the situation is unpredictable as her grandfather has other plans for Kai. There is wind of mystery and duplicities under the peaceful atmosphere. There is a strange bird which constantly appears in her nightmares.
Increase the number of buddies, cultivate beautiful gardens, undertake yacht tours and most surprisingly undertake mystical adventure to protect humanity from the looming disaster.

Though the community miraculously saved from the falling meteor, but can they endure the newly emerging scenario?

Amazingly beautiful background, mystical adventures and the strange community residing with metamorphosed personalities. Those who could not be evacuated after the disaster, created their own secluded group which is named as Mutazione.

3. Lego Brawls:

Encourage yourself to reach the topmost position in this relaxed, group-exploit brawler game and expect strange outcomes.

Best Apple Arcade Game - Lego Brawls
Best Apple Arcade Game - Lego Brawls
(Image Credit: RED Games)

  • Create your gallant minifig with distinctive capabilities.
  • Create ludicrous powerups of blocks.
  • Cooperate with your buddies to control iconic LEGO stages
  • Enlarge your accumulation of minifigs and powerups.
  • Improve yourself to be the ultimate brawler.

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