Comparison and differences of Bugsnax vs Bioshock vs Dark Cloud:

Bugsnax falls into action-adventure category, & you need to spot, observe & record many monsters living on a strange island.

Comparison of Bugsnax vs Bioshock vs Dark Cloud
Comparison and differences of Bugsnax vs Bioshock vs Dark Cloud

‘Bugsnax’ is a first-person action-adventure game set on a strange island where the player will be spotting, observing & recording over 100 types of snack-like monsters.

As a correspondent, your host, explorer ‘Elizabert Megafig’ invited you to visit the island, but the host vanished before your arrival.

Bugsnax Review
Bugsnax Review
(Image Credit: Young Horses)

‘Bugsnax’ is an action-adventure game in which the player visits an island full of incredibly snack like creatures.

The game is developed by ‘Young Horses studio’, who also developed ‘Octodad: Dadliest Catch’.

Bugsnax Story:

Bugsnax Story
Bugsnax Story
(Image Credit: Young Horses)

The action of this game is taking place on ‘Snaktooth Island’, where snack like creatures live, hence the title ‘Bugsnax’, a hybrid of bug & snacks. The player gets an invitation from ‘Elizabert Megafig’ to visit the odd island, but before your arrival, the host disappeared without leaving any clue. Now it is your objective to find out the missing host, members of her group & discover reason for their mysterious disappearance.

Bugsnax Gameplay:

It is a unique exploration in which you will observe several creatures living on the isle. During observation of the odd monsters, the player also comes to know about the disappearance of Elizabert Megafig & her team.

You play the role of a journalist who visits a strange island to discover critters & observe the island life.

After discovering the isle, you catalog the monsters living there with photography mechanics. The game allows you to utilize different objects including traps, ketchup lure, & weapons like crossbow to assist protagonist to lure out & discover the monsters of that isle. A team of pioneers known as Grumpuses, who live on the isle, will offer missions as you assist in re-uniting community.

Many of the monsters living on the isle are smaller in size, because they are snacks. However, gameplay trailer of Bugsnax show a big winged pizza creature, so it means that the game has creatures available in various shapes & sizes.

‘Bugsnax’ has 3-D graphic design with artistic style. The life-like creatures, half snack & half bug fascinate our attention. The island captivates the player for its mystery & exploration.

‘Bugsnax’ is essentially a first-person suspense-adventure game. You will enjoy the company of hundreds of odd creatures. You’ll observe their behavior & habitat on the island.

Bugsnax Gameplay
Bugsnax Gameplay
(Image Credit: Young Horses)

As a journalist, you are not only observing the island & the creatures inhibiting it, but also to find out about the host who invited you. She vanished just before your arrival.

It is a first-person action-adventure game where your task is acting as a journalist. The host ‘Elizabert Megafig’ sent you an enigmatic movie & informed that she has found these unique creatures—half snack & half bugs & wants you to document these monsters along with her group. In compliance with her invitation, you visit the island & discover that she is missing along with her group. What happened to her? This is a mystery.

Game Modes:

The game can only be played alone as it is based on a single-player mode.

Comparison and differences between Bugsnax vs Dark Cloud vs Bioshock:

Dark Cloud was launched in 2001 & it falls into RPG genre. The game was created by Level-5, who are best known for Ni No Kuni, & Bioshock is an action game created by Irrational Games. Dark Cloud was like about the town structure & gathering of villagers to your town which is similar to Bugsnax because you are discovering the lost villagers & trying to bring them back to a main town & building that up over time. Other features of Bugsnax are not that much related to Dark Cloud.  

Comparison in Bugsnax vs Bioshock vs Dark Cloud
Comparison in Bugsnax vs Bioshock vs Dark Cloud
Image Credit: Young Horses | Irrational Games | Level-5

The planet of Bugsnax also seems charming & horrifying. Despite the fact that a dark & intense game like Bioshock might not be like cute mutant snacks game but there seems to be more similarities between the 2 titles.

Bugsnax seems like a horror game but unlike Bioshock, Bugsnax has cute creatures. More inspirations for Bugsnax include Viva Pinata, Ape Escape, Pokemon Snap & Dark Cloud.

Bugsnax has taken more inspiration from Bioshock gameplay as compared to its story, & you can setup many traps & explore an exciting & unique planet. The world of Bugsnax & Bioshock is very reactive to your actions. The setup of Bugsnax story is similar to Bioshock, as at the start of the game story, the playable character is invited to a strange location.

Even though it is clear that Bugsnax is similar to Bioshock gameplay, but it does not mean that it features the same dark & horrifying atmosphere of Bioshock. In both Bugsnax & Bioshock, the playable character visits a strange location who was invited to that particular place by some charismatic leader figure.

Bugsnax Release Date:

Bugsnax releases on PS5, PS4 & PC on 12 November 2020.

Bugsnax Key Features:

  • Developer: Young Horses
  • Publisher: Young Horses
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, & Indie
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Mac, PS4 & PS5
  • Release Date: 12 November 2020

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