NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020: Similarities & Differences:

NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020 can be compared in gameplay, career mode, graphics, sound, multiplayer, camera, & more:

Comparison: NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020

Both NASCAR Heat 5 & F1 2020 are the official racing video game simulations of 2020. They contain their official drivers, teams & cars. NASCAR Heat 5 is developed by 704Games & is published by Motorsport Games. F1 2020 is developed & published by Codemasters.


Gameplay: NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020
Gameplay: NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020

Both games have a unique gameplay. In the NASCAR Heat 5, what fascinates me is the new test-session mode. In this mode, you can test your car setup & make the appropriate adjustments by experimenting the handling on numerous tracks to find the best car setup for each track. That is something that really helps you when you are about to start a race on a particular racetrack. The new feature in the F1 2020 is that as a player you can build your own F1 team. Firstly create a race driver, then you have to choose a sponsor, then you have to find an engine supplier, lastly you have to hire teammate.

Career Mode:

Both games have a career mode. F1 2020 has a well-appreciated 10-year career mode. In the F1 2020 career mode, you can select the 22-race season, or the 10-race season or 16-race seasons. In NASCAR Heat 5 career mode, you can start racing on the small dirt ovals of America. That is how you gain experience & racing skills. Alternatively, you can also join the NASCAR Cup Series.

Race Circuit / track:

In F1 2020, you can race on 22 officially licensed racetracks. In NASCAR Heat 5, you can compete on 34 officially licensed race circuits including Daytona, Indianapolis & Talladega, & five dirt tracks.


Graphics: NASCAR Heat 5 vs F1 2020

Both F1 2020 & NASCAR Heat 5 are easy on the eyes & ears. Both of these games look real as if it is the actual broadcast. Beautiful visuals of these games give us a different feeling.


F1 2020 & NASCAR Heat 5 has an incredible motor sound that is good on the ears. The sound of both games look as real as possible.


Both these games control handling such as braking, traction control, dirty air, & more have become quite simple. These games require controller, as these games do not support keyboard & mouse.


F1 2020 has some new camera angles. In F1 2020 for the two new circuits, Zandvoort and Hanoi, camera placing is done in a new way. In F1 2020, not only the broadcast camera, but also the replay and spectator cameras look different. The cut scenes look even better, so more camera angles to mix up the intros. F1 2020 has also made improvements in terms of spectator cameras such as spectator reaction to an overtake or crash. Similarly, Nascar Heat 5 has also made huge improvements to camera angles & offer gamer more camera options. More camera options mean set the camera in a way that feels more comfortable to you.

Online Multiplayer:

Both games feature online multiplayer mode. NASCAR Heat 5 supports up to 40 players across the globe in online multiplayer mode. In both games, winning the contest is something remarkable because you compete against the whole world.

Two-player Split-screen Mode:

If you want local racers at your home, then the good thing is that both of these games have this remarkable split screen feature. This feature let you to compete against your friend/family. In my opinion, racing is more entertaining with family/friends. That means you can spend a quality family time by playing the game. You can also show your competitor your car racing abilities. In short, both of these games have brought you everything you wanted.  

Popularity of NASCAR Heat 5 & F1 2020:

Both of these car racing games are based on professional racing sport. Popularity of these racing sports created the demand for such games. In these racing games based on actual sport, you can live the life of a true sport legend. You can rise from someone unknown to the world to become a man known to everyone. Such sports make your dream come true. These sports are also a source of spending quality time at your home & keep you away from the company of bad people. You can pass your time with some real fun. NASCAR Heat 5 & F1 2020 have undergone some tremendous improvements compared to their previous versions. The gameplay, graphics, camera options, & sound track have tremendously improved. Both of these games also have a two-player split-screen mode so you can play with family/friend & can enjoy good quality time with them.

F1 2020 Trailer:

Watch F1 2020 trailer.

NASCAR Heat 5 Trailer:

Watch NASCAR Heat 5 reveal trailer.

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