Solve Mario video game IQ puzzle using math rules:

Mario video game IQ puzzle

Mario video game puzzle is a logical math riddle which follows math rules & needs IQ as well.

2 characters (variables) are given: Mario, & Mario with Globe

Hence, in first equation, the value of Mario is given:

Mario = 15

Second equation is a cross multiplication of Mario, & Mario with Globe:

Mario / Mario with Globe = 3 / 2

2 x Mario = 3 x Mario with Globe

Put value of Mario from first equation:

2 x 15 = 3 x Mario with Globe

30 / 3 = Mario with Globe

Mario with Globe = 10

Fourth equation has a catch.

When we asked “Mario video game IQ puzzle) on facebook, most of our fans considered it pretty straight forward, & did not notice the position of Mario with Globe, which has been flipped horizontally. It implies that value of Mario with Globe is negated.

Hence, based on third equation, value of Mario with Globe should have an opposite sign as it has been flipped horizontally. In our case, we have 10 so it should have a negative sign too.

Mario with Globe = - 10

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