SCUF Prestige Controller for Xbox One & PC: 

These controllers are specifically designed for Xbox One but can work on its PC counterpart. They could end up being your perfect choice if you are a serious gamer & do not want to wait a sec. Prestige helps you place your thumb on the right analog stick all the time & if you want to tap buttons like jump, dash, crouch etc; then you can use paddles at the back of the controller. Also you can put your left thumb on the left analog stick for movement. It assists in speed, precision & provides a genuine experience.

Paddles are the top factors for serious players who are interested in multiplayer competitions such as battle royale or those seeking victory in first person shooters like Call of Duty & other similar games. Every second is important in video games, & it could lead you to victory or defeat. Give no chance to your competitor & do not lose the sticks when you are in the middle of battle. Set actions on the back paddles. You can map 14 functions on the back paddles such as A, B, X, Y, D-Pad, Left Analog Stick, Right Analog Stick, Menu, View, Left Bumper & Right Bumper.

SCUF Prestige Controller (Back)
(Image Credit: SCUF)

You can setup a variety of options on the back paddles such as crouch, interact, climb, melee attack etc.

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