Comparison of top skateboarding games of 2020: Skate Story vs Session vs Skater XL:

Skate Story, Session & Skater XL are all ideal skateboarding games & have ample amount of adventure in them. Skate Story is developed by indie developer Sam Eng, Session skateboarding game is developed by Montreal independent developer Crea-ture Studios while Skater XL is developed by well-known Easy Day Studios. All the three games are an evolution in skateboarding games.

Skater XL VS Session VS Skate Story


In the Skate Story, gamer is presented as a crystalline skater. Gamer skate through a spectacular underworld. This solid underworlds is gamer’s personal hell & gamer has to escape it. In Session game, gamer can discover iconic skate spots, starting with New York. Enjoy skating at the infamous Brooklyn Banks & Manhattan. In Skater XL, appreciate real skate spots, like the LA Courthouse & other beautiful California Spots. The game gets its inspiration from the skating sim style. Appreciate the realistic skate physics of all the three games.


Watch Skater XL gameplay trailer below:

Skater XL Gameplay Trailer

Skate Story is an indie skateboarding game from a third-person perspective. Gamer control a crystalline skater & rides through the underworld. At the start, the game seems easy as gamer move with skateboard & rarely has to deal with obstacles. Then gamer has to ollie over obstacles. To steer around barriers, gamer has to master ollies. In order to perform kick flips, ollies & various other highly technical tricks, gamer has to use more than one buttons at once on the controller. Skate Story’s is a highly technical skating game compared to the other two games. Session game is a spiritual successor to the Skate series & its gameplay mechanics are quite similar to Skate series. Session is an open-ended video game & is like a raw skateboarding game. Session has a video editor. Therefore, you can execute tricks; edit & share. Record gamer ride & then share. Talking about Skater XL, here style, creativity & the flawless trick is for gamer to define. Play as skating icons Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta or Brandon Westgate. Explore areas with the freedom of an open-environment.

Mode of Play:

Watch Session single player campaign trailer below:

Session Single Player Campaign Trailer

Skate Story, Session & Skater XL all have single player mode. All the three games are created for solo play. Here in these three games, gamer can experience what skateboarding really is. You can easily express gamer’s creativity in these three games with solo experience.   


Watch Skate Story gameplay trailer below:

Skate Story Gameplay Trailer

In Session game, enjoy the dual-stick board control mechanism. Session includes a per foot stick control where each stick represents a foot. In Skater XL, movement is controlled through the thumb sticks. Each thumb stick is linked to the corresponding foot of the skater & as the gamer moves the stick, the board simultaneously responds. In Skate Story, each button on gamer’s controller is meant for a specific body movement. The controller left-stick moves gamer’s body side-to-side, the controller right stick allows gamer to crouch & pop, & the controller A-button, lets gamer’s foot to push the skateboard. In Skate Story, executing an ollie is about gaining the momentum, then crouching & popping up by pushing the right stick down & up to create the jump. From here, executing more tricks, including kick flip, is all-about getting the exact combo & timing.

Tricks Style:

Session VS Skate-XL VS Skate Story Tricks Style
Session VS Skate-XL VS Skate Story Tricks Style

These three games brought us a lot of freedom. Style your tricks the way you want, from the way gamer flip the board to the way gamer moves his feet. Create, combine, & style tricks. Execute backbreaking tricks. Feel connected to your skateboard & try to perfect highly technical tricks.  There is a real science involved in the game mechanism. The game’s physics are the finest. These three game includes unique Stance Stick controls. The good thing about all the three games is that these games lets gamers to learn the art of skating & permitting them to execute best skateboarding tricks in gamer’s style. These games are the best in the world of skateboarding games & are a good example of extreme sports.

Sound Track:

Sound track of each of the three games is fascinating. The music is so wonderful that gamer are surely going to love it. I personally loved the Skate Story’s delightfully haunting pop bops into the game’s soundscape. There is no doubt in my mind that these three games are true games for gamers who love skating games & these game offers everything that gamers need.


Skate Story Graphics
Skate Story Graphics

All the three games have a good graphics quality. In my personal opinion, Skate Story features improved skate animations compared to Skater XL skateboarding game. I noticed that the visuals & concept of the Skate Story game is just amazing. However, this is just my opinion. All the three games have wonderful visuals.


Skate Story vs Skater XL vs Session Camera

Camera work is the finest in all these three games. You can change the camera settings as per your liking. Skate Story gamer can notice the low angle camera shots frame the action. Session game is shown in the style of a fish-eye lens from a mini DV format camera. Skater XL camera view can change from right shoulder to left shoulder. You can also enable low camera on Skater XL. So all the games have diverse camera setting options.

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