Superliminal Review, Story, Gameplay, Release Date, & More:

Superliminal is a puzzle game & you need to solve a series of mind twisting puzzles that can produce optical delusion.

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Superliminal Review

Superliminal Story:

‘Superliminal’ is a one-player, 1st person, puzzle-solving game, presenting a number of puzzles based on the doubt of depth & perspective. Experience mind twisting riddles observed through challenging perspectives; a lovely, inconspicuous world; a strange tale with concealed layers’; things which are really odd and unusual.

The ‘Pillow Castle Games studio’ is responsible for the development of this game.

Superliminal Story
Superliminal Story
(Image Credit: Pillow Castle)

‘Superliminal’ is a first-person, single player, riddles-solving game which is presenting a number of puzzles based on forced perspective and producing visual delusions. ‘Pillow Castle Games studio’ has developed the game. The purpose of riddles in the game is to inculcate sense of unsuspected in the players who are required to alter their perspectives. Earlier, the game was called as ‘Museum of Simulation Technology’.

Superliminal Gameplay:

Superliminal Gameplay
Superliminal Gameplay
(Image Credit: Pillow Castle)

In this game, action is seen from first-person standpoint. The game is related to resolving challenging riddles – for instance it is about discovering a way out of a room. Though the task is simple, but in reality the fun can be perverted and made intricate.

Superliminal Review:

The game is featuring pleasing, 3-D graphics. Despite having strange tale and themes, the sites introduced seem authentic. As far as the environment of the game is concerned, it is sometimes distressing.

Superliminal Review
Superliminal Review
(Image Credit: Pillow Castle)

It is a single-player puzzle-solving game. The player solves the challenges offered by optical puzzles. The game is founded on the concept of ‘forced perception and visual delusions’. The purpose of riddles in the game is to instill a sense of unanticipated in the players who are required to alter their perspective and think outside-the-box to wake-up from the trance.

Game Modes:

It is a first person, one player game.


  • Mind bending riddles observed through challenging perspectives
  • A lovely, inconspicuous world
  • A strange tale with concealed layers
  • Things which are actually unusual

Superliminal Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
  • Developer: Pillow Castle
  • Publisher: Pillow Castle
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One

Superliminal Release Trailer:

Watch Superliminal release trailer.

Superliminal Trailer:

Below you can watch Superliminal trailer.


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