Best 4K 60 FPS video games optimized for Xbox Series X:

Video games that are optimized for the next-gen Xbox console will run at optimum performance by reducing loading times, offering high quality graphics, & providing up to 120 frames per second. The list contains games designed specifically for Xbox Series X along with games launched on earlier consoles that have been redesigned again for Xbox Series X.

4K & 60 FPS Xbox Series X Optimized Games
4K & 60 FPS Xbox Series X Optimized Games

Optimized games use the complete power of Xbox Series X to provide higher, steadier frame rates at up to 120 FPS.

Splendid Graphics:

Games driven by hardware accelerated DirectX Raytracing will make further dynamic, real surroundings such as real to life lighting & precise reflections in real time with 4K resolution.

Smart Delivery:

It makes sure you just have to pay one time to purchase the top version of the game for Xbox console you are currently using. Multiple Xbox Series X games use smart delivery feature. For example, if you buy a game that offers Smart Delivery feature then it means if you purchase that game then you will get the upgraded version of that game for free when next-gen Xbox launches.

Video Games Optimized for Xbox Series X:


Scorn is playable from first person perspective & the game is set in a horrific world of creatures. You are lost in a fantasy planet & you need to discover different interconnected places in a non-linear way. Each place of the game world has its specific theme, riddles & creatures.

Scorn offers 4K Ultra HD with 60 frames per second.

Call of the Sea:

Call of the Sea
Credit: Raw Fury

Call of the Sea is a strange story set on an eerie isle. This game is playable from first person perspective & it falls into the category of puzzle games. Call of the Sea is set in 1930s & the game is about the tale of Norah, a lady who is searching for her missing husband. She discovers a strange isle full of mysteries that you need to reveal. The game features mystery, escapade & self-discovery.

Call of the Sea features 4K Ultra HD with 60 FPS & this game is available in Smart Delivery.

The Ascent:

The Ascent is a single player cooperative action role playing game set on a cyberpunk world. The mega corporation that owns player & everyone else, has recently collapsed which leads to disturbance & chaos. Security is in disorder, & without safety, people are fighting for survival. Your objective in this game is to stop the bad people from corrupting this world & find the real cause behind this disaster.

It is a single player & cooperative action role playing game set on Veles.

Ascent offers 4K Ultra HD on Xbox Series X but this feature is missing on previous versions of console.

Ascent features HDR functionality.

Ascent offers smart delivery.

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