Comparison & differences in best co-op horror games of PS5 & Xbox Series X:

Best horror games have some similar aspects such as they have the potential to provide a feeling of unease that you feel during gameplay. With latest technology, video games look more terrifying because the graphics look real, the sound feels haunting, & gameplay involves new dangers & new kinds of fearful enemies.

We have some best horror games already released on consoles, & both PS5 & Xbox Series X offers backward compatibility, hence they will work like a charm on next-gen consoles.

1. Comparison in Best Co-op Horror Games: The Dark Pictures Man of Medan:

More than one player can make choices in Man of Medan which is a spiritual successor of Until Dawn. There is a chance to play through with someone else, along with playing through a party mode that allows you to pass your controller b/w a bigger team.

Comparison in best co-op horror games of next-gen consoles
Comparison in best co-op horror games of next-gen consoles
(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Story:

4 people who loves diving, go on an adventure & they discover a sunken aircraft from WW2. When they search the wreck, something bizarre starts to happen, & with every item taken out of water, the strength of mysterious events grows. A storm struck the team & a strange ship arrives.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Story
The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan
(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Gameplay:

It is a horror adventure video game which narrates the tale of the discovery of a sunken wreck from WWII. It is a nonlinear game & it is up to player, who will endure & how the tale will finish.

The game focuses on narrating an amazing tale. You can make decisions in this game & you will also deal with logical challenges.

You will be able to lead 5 heroes in Man of Medan which includes 4 divers & a boat captain. Choices of players will affect the survival of characters, & it will also affect the game endings. The game encourages replay ability & it will allow you to see every scene & challenge.

Compare best co-op horror games of Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5
Compare best co-op horror games of Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5
(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)

There is a chance to play Man of Medan alone but players who want to enjoy this game with friends can go online & play shared story mode which is designed for 2 gamers to share their gameplay experience side by side. Each gamer is offered control of a different person & at certain points during gameplay the game narrative will branch off, offering each person a different view of the events.

Movie Night mode allows gamers to play on a sofa with family in local coop mode. At beginning of the game, gamers can choose a hero or multiple heroes if less than five gamers are playing.

When you choose to play shared story mode then it will affect the time it takes to finish full game. If you are playing alone or in Movie Night mode, then full game completion would take around 4-5 hours. However, when you choose to play shared story mode & gamers split, then they will just experience certain scenes & they will miss out on others & it will take around 3.5 hours to finish the complete game.

2. Compare Top Co-Op Horror Games: Voyage of the Dead:

Voyage of the Dead is a survival horror video game which lets you escape zombie outbreak. This game is full of battles against zombies but first you need to choose your hero & use any means to save the passengers. It is about making top squad & equip weapons of your choice to blast the skulls of zombies.

This game supports 4-player local cooperative mode. Each player will need their own gun for survival. There will be 8 playable characters to choose from.

Local co-op mode is included in Voyage of the Dead.

This game is set on a cruise ship which is attacked by zombies, & up to 4 heroes are trapped on the ship.

3. Differences in Top Co-op Horror Games: Exorcise The Demons:

Explore Exorcise The Demons in multiple ways. Begin the story mode of the game which lets you explore the game story through twenty-five completely narrated quests.

The free game mode will let you make a game & modify it yourself, or allow the game to do it for you. Either way you will confront a new & hard challenge.

There is a solo mode, in which you can get an in-game book of rituals which can guide you in the best possible way.

ETD offers gameplay which involves cooperation with friends. Just a single copy of ETD is enough to play with friends. The story mode of the game is completely narrated & there are twenty-five levels in total. Free game mode will let you enjoy every round which is procedurally generated. There are seven types of rituals with numerous variations. The game offers high resolution photo realistic graphics. Every mistake will put the friendship in danger.

Differences in top co-op horror games of PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X
Differences in top co-op horror games of PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X
(Image Credit: Midnight Games EIRL)

Exorcise The Demons Story:

It is a co-op game which allows you to play as exorcist while another player can tell you how to perform rituals.

The player who looks at the screen can become an exorcist who can do rituals to ban the demons haunting the region. Your friend who won’t look at the screen, will read the Book of Rituals, which includes all the required information to finish those rituals.

Exorcise The Demons Gameplay:

ETD can be best played with friend because the core of this game is the asymmetric cooperation. ETD is a different game which introduces a social dimension, & favors communication among gamers, that can support you in dealing with a complicated situation, with short time, & many stress factors. The asymmetric model of gameplay lets you experience the same game in different ways. In this way every walkthrough will be different & you will never deal with the same situation again because the rituals will be generated procedurally.

Also the artifacts hidden in different locations of ETD can be collected & when you study them, it will allow you to understand more about the narrative of the heroes & unfold the game secrets.

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