Comparison of Crusader Kings 3 vs Crusader Kings 2 vs Crusader Kings 1:

In the year of 2004 ‘Paradox’ launched ‘Crusader Kings’ which is a strategy game. Initially the impact was not so high among the audience. However, during the next 8 years the audience were attracted which encouraged the ‘Paradox Development Studio’ to develop a new version of the game. Accordingly, ‘Crusader Kings 2’ was released in 2012 which immediately captured the imagination of audience and even the critics showered praises on it.

Because of public enthusiasm and love for the game, the franchise soon developed into million-unit seller and raised the prestige of the company sky high.

Now ‘Crusader Kings 3’ is going to be released in September 2020. The game reflects company’s intention to make renewed initiative which clearly means responding to the interest of devoted fans as well as capturing fresh audience.

Playing ‘Crusader Kings’ is a unique experience in the sense that social status in a community is just as authoritative as the hierarchical positions of professional army.

Comparison: Crusader Kings 3 vs 2
Comparison: Crusader Kings 3 vs 2
(Image Credit: Paradox Interactive)

It is believed that numerous characters playing their respective roles in the ‘Crusader Kings 3’ are controlled by artificial intelligence and every one of them carries a perspective of all others. That perspective is prejudiced by social status, religion and pedigree.

‘Matilda of Tuscany’ is a stronger and dominating character in the game. She is considered as a powerful historical character that has stamped her marks on the history of ‘medieval Italy’. She is on good terms with the pope. The disjointed lords of ‘Roman’ empire are fully indulgent in exploitation of their subjects and also making conspiracies against each other. These circumstances offered ample opportunity to the adventurous lady to stamp her marks on the history of ‘medieval Italy’.

In ‘Crusader Kings 3’, characters are conspicuous by changing their stats including their temperaments and behaviors. Some of their characteristics can be acquired by their descendants. The characters can decide the mode of their children’s education & can help them groom.

The ambitious ‘Matilda’ soon got the approval of ‘Domenico II’ for marrying his son ‘Andrea Contarini’ with conditions that children from the wedlock will assume ‘Matilda’s dynasty’. She gave birth to a male inheritor and because of 3-D representation; the baby is amazingly looking-like the mother. This lookalike will pass-down for ages.

With the active support and coordination of her husband, ‘Matilda’ became stronger and powerful. She quickly conquered, merged many areas and established a United Kingdom of Italy.

‘Crusader Kings 3’ is not ready yet and will be released in September of this year, but people are already excited to know the fate of ‘Matilda’.

The ‘Crusader Kings’, which was released in 2004, was a bit strange. After 8 years of waiting the ‘Paradox Development Studio’ released ‘Crusader Kings 2’ which captured the imagination of many. Now after another 8 years it is preparing to release ‘Crusader Kings 3’ and fans are eagerly waiting for the game.

‘Crusader Kings 3’ is a ‘Role Playing Game’ which will be released in September. 

Main Improvements in Crusader Kings 3 in comparison with previous games in the series:

Crusader Kings 2 vs 3 - Terrain Comparison
Crusader Kings 2 vs 3 - Terrain Comparison
(Image Credit: Paradox Interactive)

Crusader Kings 3 covers the same space as Crusader Kings 2 but the frayed edges of the eastern side of the map clearly show the space can grow. Churches & towns clearly shown on the game’s map. In an instant, gamer can know about a country geography, its holdings & how gamer can invade the country. There is even a distinction between similar types of terrains. Every character in the game has a unique lifestyle. Picking a correct life style for a particular character can give gamer bonuses. Bonuses can make a gamer’s character tougher & healthier & more. Crusader Kings 2 had a plot system but in Crusader Kings 3 we can plan someone’s assassination or maybe you can trick a character into friendship. You can also create a custom faith in order to influence people the way you want. Crusader Kings 2 struggled with boats. In sea voyage, your armies could not be sent in large number due to the limited boats. In Crusader Kings 3, now all of your military is automatically bundled into a boat & sent in one go to the destination. Ships does not matter anymore.

Comparison of Crusader Kings 3 with previous games in the series:

Crusader Kings 3 is much advanced because the game is releasing 8 years after Crusader Kings 2 & 16 years after Crusader Kings. We have compared various features of Crusader Kings 3 with previous games. You can have a look at comparisons below:


The game is a follow-up of its predecessor’s games, ‘Crusader Kings and Crusader Kings II’. The plot is set in Europe’s ‘Middle Ages’, starting from the age of ‘Vikings’ to the demise of ‘Byzantium’ Empire.

Crusader Kings 3 vs 2 - Gameplay
Crusader Kings 3 vs 2 - Gameplay
(Image Credit: Paradox Interactive)

Characterizations will be lively with 3-D model. Like the ‘Crusader Kings II’, characters will have individualities in accordance with their behavioristic attitudes. The hereditary system of the game will enable characters to transfer part of their peculiar characteristics to their successors.

The key personalities and leaders appearing in the game will follow medieval and ethnic style of administration. Wanderers and migrants will be depicted as clannish.

The map will be comprehensive, larger in size, and much improved than the old one.


The game engine for Crusader Kings II was described as cobbled & it was said that the engine was held together with tape. However, Crusader Kings 3 has an efficient engine (i.e. Clausewitz Engine + Jomini-toolset) that means Crusader Kings 3 can have more features.


Crusader Kings 3 & previous games in the series are the best examples of grand strategy, role-playing games. Followers of those games always appreciate its grand strategy, role-playing features.


Crusader Kings 3 vs 2 - Graphics
Crusader Kings 3 vs 2 - Graphics
(Image Credit: Paradox Interactive)

Crusader Kings III has better visuals and feels good to the eyes compared to previous installments in the game series. Crusader Kings III requires a Radeon R9 290 or GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB system memory, at least an Intel Core i5- 4670K or AMD Ryzen 5 2400G & DirectX 11 GPU.


Crusader Kings III storytelling has an improved audio & the game comes to life with the help of audio compared to previous installments. The game’s backgrounds audio also feels lively. In Crusader Kings III, the soundtrack is also very relevant for instance; if actions happen to takes place in a Courtyard then the soundtrack is such that it sounds exactly like it.


Crusader Kings 3 along with previous games in the series supports single-player video game feature along with the appreciated Multiplayer feature.

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