Survival horror games on next-gen console using backward compatibility:

Survival horror games lie under action-adventure & horror games category & it is based on endurance of player as video game terrifies players using scary visuals or sounds. Fight creatures, however, combat in survival horror games is less as compared to action-adventure games & ammunition is limited. You have a health bar that depletes when creatures hurt you, your running speed deteriorates with loss of health or stamina, & vision may blur based on injuries. You can solve puzzles & avoid obstacles that come in your way. You can explore the environment to discover helpful objects such as keys that can help unlock doors & let you progress through the gameplay.

Numerous horror games launched on PS4 & Xbox One, & due to backward compatibility you can play them at optimum graphics, gameplay & sound on next-gen consoles: PS5 & Xbox Series X. We have added our top collection of survival horror games that can be playable on next-generation hardware.

1. Metro 2033 Redux:

A survival thriller game playable from first person perspective. Metro Redux 2033 is developed by 4A Games & published by Deep Silver.

Metro Redux narrative is focused on Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel of the same name, & the game is set in the ruins of Moscow after a nuclear battle, & the people who endured the war are forced to live in the underground. Metro Redux will put you in the shoes of Artyom, who needs to protect his home station from the monsters.

Metro 2033 Redux Review
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Metro 2033 was first launched in 2010 on PC Windows & Xbox 360. It received generally favorable reviews from critics. They praised the horror aspect of Metro 2033 & also enjoyed the detailed locations & appealing story.

Metro 2033 Redux Story:

Our planet was destroyed as a result of an apocalyptic fire. Human race almost got annihilated & the planet was turned into a poisonous land. The last human survivors now live in the underground area of the Moscow suburb. Then times passed by & a whole new human generation is born & raised underground. The dark days are not over as those underground human survivals struggle to survive, with one another, & the mutant horrors lying in wait on the outside.

You are born in the final days during the apocalyptic fire that destroyed the planet. You are raised underground. You have never stepped outside & have spent your whole life underground till this day. Due to an unwanted event you need to now venture into the center of the Metro system, to caution the remaining humans about the upcoming dangers.

Metro 2033 Redux Gameplay:

You will face both human & creature rivals in this game & use a variety of weapons to kill enemies. Also if you have limited ammunition then use stealth to avoid enemies or kill them silently so they are less dangerous. Collect resources including ammo & other useful objects from the bodies of rivals that you have killed, or buy them from vendors. The game also includes radiation zones & without gas mask you cannot discover them. If you wear gas mask during battle, then it can get damaged, & you need to find its replacement or you will die.

Metro 2033 Redux Gameplay
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Travel from the underground catacombs under the subway to the poisonous wastelands above, where your actions can decide the fate of human race.

The game is a story driven shooter, a heroic journey mixing survival horror, exploration, stealth & combat elements.

Equip your player with gasmask along with hand-made arsenal against dangerous mutants, human enemies, & the poisonous wasteland.

The game features two unique game play styles that include "Spartan" & "Survival" modes. Play the game as if it is a Survival Horror game or play the game by using your fighting abilities of a Spartan Ranger. Both modes offer two unique experiences.

2. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III:

A 3rd game in the hack & slash series created by Neocore Games & it narrates the tale of the son of the legendary vampire hunter, Van Helsing. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 progresses the story of the earlier 2 games in the series.

It is a third game in the role playing games series narrating the tale of Van Helsing’s son. Van Helsing is old now & he can’t kill vampires so he decides to send his son to accomplish this task. His son is helped by the ghost of lady Katerina & their mission is to maintain the balance once again b/w science & magic. After beating the main rival, they come to know that this region has many problems that are beyond their expectations.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III
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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 progresses the narrative from the earlier 2 games. The gameplay of this game is very similar to the first 2 parts but it has been upgraded too. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 is set in the land of Borgovia, which is shattered by battle, & a band of cultists proclaim the termination of this planet. The son of Van Helsing must stand against these problems & he must do whatever he can. Also you will find some obscure facts about this place & reveal the mysterious past of Lady Katarina, his ally. There are 6 playable classes available in this game, each of them have different abilities, & it also lets you complete new quests.

3. Blair Witch:

Blair Witch is set in the US in 1996. A kid is lost in the Black Hills Forest & you will step into the shoes of Ellis who is a former policeman to search for the kid. You have to conquer fear & fight against the inside demons. The forest is haunted by a witch.

In Blair Witch you will control a former cop who searches a forest haunted by a witch to find a lost kid. This game is playable from first person perspective & it falls into the category of horror games. Blair Witch is from the developer of Layers of Fear, & Observer.

Blair Witch Review
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Blair Witch allows you to explore the game world & you are joined by a loyal dog, who can make your task easier. Also you need to solve puzzles.

This game is designed for single player only. There is no option for a multiplayer mode.

You will be moving through the forest alone. The dog will discover the trail which will lead you further into the forest.

This game has its own narrative & it is not related to the narratives shown in the films. You can collect videotapes during your journey which will help you in revealing the game secrets.

Blair Witch Gameplay
(Image Credit: Bloober Team)

Blair Witch is inspired by top series of cinema horror films, developed by Polish Bloober Team.

Blair Witch has strong visuals. The locations of the game are detailed & they are set in 3D. The game graphics & sound effectively increase the horror atmosphere built by the screenplay.

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