List of top activities after covid-19 self-isolation - end of quarantine:

Corona virus is getting flat in the world which means that its spread is getting in control. Earlier, its spread was exponential & on daily basis new cases were growing at an exponential rate but the good news is that still there are new cases of people affected with covid-19 but it’s not increasing at a higher rate. People are predicting that the end of coronavirus is near & a lot of educational institutes & offices are reopening. People who were in self-isolation for months, are hoping to mix up & start enjoying their life once again.

List of activities after self-isolation - end of quarantine
List of activities after self-isolation - end of quarantine
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In this article we have added list of activities that we can only do when covid-19 ends. Hence such activities are banned for now:

  1. Public Gatherings
  2. Play Local Split Screen Games
  3. Go to Gym
  4. Travel
  5. Attend Educational Institutes & Offices
  6. Visit Stadiums for watching Sports
  7. Play Sports & Activities
  8. Visit Restaurants
  9. Go to Cinema
  10. Play Board & Card Games
  11. Go for a Walk
  12. Watch TV Together in Close Proximity

1. Public Gatherings:

Public Gatherings
Public Gatherings

After termination of quarantine you can once again meet people. Attend weddings, parties, funerals & more social events that include meeting of many people at the same time. Such activities are banned for now & people feel boredom at home. After the end of corona virus, people will once again enjoy freedom & engage in social activities.

You can do shopping, watch sports matches, use public transportations, go to gyms etc.

2. Play Local Split Screen Games:

Play Local Split Screen Games
Local Split Screen Games

Local split screen games allow players to sit on a couch & play on a single TV. 2 or more friends / family members can play such games as it is more fun to play games in multiplayer where you can either help another player or fight against them. Sometimes in local games you pass your controller to a friend & hence multiple friends who are sitting in close proximity use the same controller. Corona virus spreads from one hand to another, & that is why it is advisable to wash your hands when you use stuff that others use too. Hence we can only wait till the end of covid-19 outbreak to play games together on a single console or PC.

3. Go to Gym:

Go to Gym

Gyms are closed in pandemic in order to avoid social distancing. Also we use same exercise equipment in gyms & hence disease can spread from one person to another by touching the same equipment. After the end of quarantine people can once again attend gyms & keep themselves fit. Fitness exercises can help improve immunity that can help avoid many diseases, lower cholesterol levels & burn calories. Fat people are prone to many diseases & people with strong immunity live healthy & are able to fight a number of illnesses including corona.

4. Travel:

Credit: GETTY

Travelling is not allowed & public transportation is limited in every country. People are not allowed to travel from one country to another due to restrictions on airlines. People are desperately waiting for the end of corona disease so that they can once again visit their favorite tourist spots. Lockdown has given birth to a lot of psychological problems including boredom, depression & fear. Hence after the end of coronavirus, people can avail transportation facilities & meet their loved ones.

5. Attend Educational Institutes & Offices:

Educational Institutes

Closure of educational institutes & offices have affected education, work, & economy of every country. People doing businesses have suffered a lot due to pandemic. Also students are taking online lectures at home & giving online quizzes, solving home assignments & taking online exams. Employees are doing their work from home but still progress in every field is affected & every country is facing economic challenges.

6. Visit Stadiums:


International sports, matches & tournaments are allowed. Certain conditions are exercised such as outdoor matches are permissible with limited number of spectators, & still keeping the practice of social distancing. However, after the end of pandemic, crowds will be allowed to visit the stadium, & other restrictions will be removed too. Also people will be able to watch live indoor tournaments as well.

7. Play Sports & Activities:

Sports and Acitivities

People use same equipment in sports such as during basketball, sportsmen use the same basketball that can carry corona from one hand to another & hence carriers can infect others too. So sports & recreational activities that allow people to come in close contact are stopped due to covid-19. When corona virus is over, people will once again enjoy sports & fun activities, that force them to avoid social distancing & enjoy quality time together.

8. Visit Restaurants:

Credit: Thyme Restaurant/Facebook

Food lovers are banned from visiting restaurants & eating their favorite recipes. Hence people are desperately waiting for the end of corona to visit restaurants once again. Restaurants are one of the favorite places that everyone like, & people visit them with family, friends for lunch, dinners, & parties.

9. Go to Cinema:

Credit: Alexandre Chassignon on Flickr

People love watching movies on a big cinema screen together with friends, family, & they sit together with a lot of spectators. However, masses are stopped from watching favorite movies on a big screen & everyone is hoping for the end so that once again they will be able to enjoy their favorite films in cinema.

10. Play Board, & Card Games:

Board Games
Board Games

Board & card games allow multiple members of family & friends to sit in close proximity. Such games allow everyone to use the same stuff, hence spreading the disease. So it is advisable to keep physical distancing even at homes because anyone could be the carrier & the worst thing about corona is that it spreads quickly. Hence safety is better than fun. But after the termination of corona illness, once again favorite cards & board games will be allowed.

11. Go for a Walk:


People love going out for a walk to breathe fresh air & digest food. Walk is beneficial for everyone & it is advisable to take 10,000 steps on daily basis. But corona spreads through the air, & even though you are wearing a mask still it can enter your body when you breathe air. That is why it is advisable to keep distance between 2 people. One of the drawback of quarantine is that people at homes are unable to go for a walk for digestion of food & hence people are gaining weight. After end of corona, a lot of people will be able to go outside for walking, jogging & will be able to remain fit.

12. Watch TV Together in Close Proximity:

Watching TV on a single couch

Restrictions are imposed on family too. Family members must keep physical distancing in order to avoid the spread of covid-19. Hence people do not watch TV on a single couch or only 2 persons can sit on a single sofa & keep a gap between them. Once again people can watch popular TV shows & multiple people will be able to watch TV together in close proximity & can chit chat with one another without wearing masks.

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