Pre-order PS5 unit from top retailers & check out its cost:

PS5 preorders will be available at many retailers soon. You can reserve a PS5 at these retailers. However, PlayStation 5 is set to be released in b/w October & December 2020. Sony is making progress about shipping PS5 & you will soon be able to pre-order PlayStation 5 at different online stores. But you need to wait until Q4 (October – December) to actually receive a unit.

Design & features of PlayStation & its controller have been revealed. PS5 is much faster than PS4, & it features ray tracing & spatial sound.

Pre-order PS5 unit from top retailers
Pre-order PS5 unit from top retailers
Image Credit: Sony

2 versions of PlayStation 5 will be available at launch. One of the hardware will have Blu-ray player & other one will not include Blu-ray & it will be the digital edition. It looks like price of digital edition will be lower than disc player version. Also digital edition is smaller in size than the one with disc player. A wireless headset for PS5 will be available too. You can use your current PS VR Headset with PS5, & most of the games released on PS4 will work on next-gen console.

Below you can find all retailers that will soon let you to pre-order PS5. Each of the mentioned retailer has rolled out PlayStation 5 landing pages. They are teasing the most recent features of the next-gen console, & many of them will notify you (when you enter email,) when PS5 is available for pre-order.

PS5 price for Blu-ray player & digital edition is not revealed yet.

List of top retailers from where you can pre-order PS5:
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • GameStop
  • Target

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