Survival horror story campaign games for PS5 & Xbox Series X:

There are numerous horror films that make you jump out of your seats. But playing games can push you beyond by making those horrors really interactive & immersive.

When you have gamepad in hands & you are required to make decisions that could even take away your life then tension builds up in your mind. Scary zombies that have lost their minds are chasing you crazily & your decision can be to either fight or escape in one piece.

PS5, & Xbox Series X are backward compatible with earlier generations. Hence games that run on PS4 & Xbox One can also run on PS5 & Xbox Series X. Below we have added 3 top survival horror games that offer story campaign, & they are compatible with next-gen consoles.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek:

It is a stealth adventure game. The game allows you to play as a child who is playing in a family house which contains secrets.

In Hide & Seek you will explore a narrative which describes some of the threads that were shown in Hello Neighbor which launched in 2017. Hide & Seek is a prequel of Hello Neighbor.

Hide & Seek combines adventure & stealth, & in this game you can see the action from first person perspective. During this game you can discover fantastic areas that make up a strange home & you can hide from various dangers.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Review
Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Review
(Image Credits: tinyBuild)

It is an adventure game with stealth elements in which you play as a child playing in a family house full of secrets.

The graphics looks like they have not changed from the first installment of the series. The system requirements remain the same.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Story:

It is an adventure game that is a prequel to Hello Neighbor which launched in 2017. The characters of Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek are siblings & they are the children of the villain from the first part. Your objective is to control the villain’s daughter & perform amazing tasks in a home holding secrets. The children are exposed to dangers after their mom dies.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Story
Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Story
(Image Credits: tinyBuild)

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Gameplay:

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is designed for beginners but you need to keep few things in mind before you play it. You may have difficulties if you do not follow the tips we have provided below:

The game allows you to turn on friendly mode from game options. By turning on friendly mode your brother won’t be that much aggressive & he will slow down. In this way you will not have to worry about your bro running & troubling you.

If you have difficulty in finding objects, then you can activate hints. They will show you the location of the object you need.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Gameplay
Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Gameplay
(Image Credits: tinyBuild)

Make sure you place objects in a visible place. If you collect multiple objects, then keep them in one place so that you can easily find them.

Don’ throw away items you find. If you throw away an item which is required to finish the task, then it may be difficult for you to discover it.

Check rooms thoroughly so that you can find every item.

Hurry up because you won’t have time for pondering over stuffs, your brother can catch you so complete your tasks as soon as possible.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster:

Players will discover a big old mountain hotel & uncover the secrets lying inside. The Suicide of Rachel Foster is playable from first person perspective & the game lets players use the assistance of FEMA agent, who will show them the direction to uncover the mystery of the protagonist’s death.

It follows the story of a girl who returns to her childhood home to know her family past & how Rachel passed away.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Story
The Suicide of Rachel Foster Story
(Image Credit: Daedalic Entertainment)

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Gameplay:

Players will return to the family hotel after many years & they will control a determined girl as she explores the home with horrifying ghosts & she can only use her telephone to uncover the truth.

The weather unpredictably turns for the worst, Nicole can’t leave her home & she is taking help of FEMA agent, using radio telephone which is the only way of communicating with the outside world.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Gameplay
The Suicide of Rachel Foster Gameplay
(Image Credit: Daedalic Entertainment)

With the assistance of FEMA agent, protagonist begins to uncover a mystery deeper than what people thought.

A courageous main character.

Discover the big & detailed home, & reveal dark secrets of family’s past.

Exciting & touching narrative.

Demon Pit:

Demon Pit is an arcade style arena shooter playable from first person perspective & the game has classic 90s aesthetic. Beat the never ending swarms of evil in a frequently changing environment. Players’ objective is to put high score on the leaderboard. The game is set in a hell.

Demon Pit is highly inspired by first person shooter games of 90s era, & it is an intense arcade style arena shooter. You have equipped a series of weapons & a soul grapple, now it is your responsibility to battle & beat a never ending swarms of demons in a frequently changing arena.

Fight ten types of hideous hell spawn.

Repel the evil swarm with seven deadly weapons.

The game allows you to use your soul grapple to beat the arena as soon as possible & avoid the oncoming legion.

Master the movement to endure the altering environment & its dangers.

Frequently kill to keep enhancing your multiplayer & compete for leaderboard immortality.

The game needs skill, reflexes, & players must learn the pre-scripted rival pattern. New features are added to Arena Shooter genre. The first mechanic is the availability of walls that move up & down during the gameplay, which creates a frequently changing, small & claustrophobic arena. Also players can use grappling hook which can quickly transport them b/w a no. of portals around the arena.

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