Third Person Games Expected To Launch On Google Stadia:

Nearly everyone loves third person games because in such games the camera is set behind character & you see your hero. These games are always in high demand & it is easy to control your player in third person. You have greater visibility because camera is set behind your back.

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service & game actually runs from the server & you can play it on your device which supports internet & Google Chrome browser. It is very much like video streaming but you can send your input using controller connected to your device. 

Third person games expected to launch on Stadia
Third person games expected to launch on Stadia

Google Stadia is looking for quality games. They like adding first & third person games to their games library. Their eyes are on new games & they are contacting video game companies & so far many quality third person AAA games are available on Google Stadia. We think they might add our collection of third person games because these games are in high demand. Check out third person games that might hit Stadia in future below:

The Last of Us Part II:

A continuation of one of the most popular & critically-acclaimed action adventure titles created by Naughty Dog.

The plot is related to actions performed in the not-distant-future during that period the humankind has already perished due to a strange lethal infectious disease metamorphosing humans into brutes like creatures.

The action is performed 5-years after the first incident of endemic. 2 protagonists – Joel & Ellie – who performed in the first part are playing again.

The Last of Us Part 2
The Last of Us Part 2
(Image Credit: Naughty Dog)

It is a suspense filled action-adventurous game which is full of excitement & dangers. Camera is hanging behind the gamer’s back.

Experience the player travelling through the unprotected vicinities & fighting the rival creatures.

The player is allowed to control a single character; however, you have the advantage of AI who is always available to assist you during lethal contests & in addition giving good suggestions.

The antagonists are extremely treacherous creatures who are metamorphosed from humans to monsters due to the epidemic outspread in the region.

The player is using several tactics of combat including direct attacks; & also resorting to the strategy of deviousness whenever expedient. The aim is to inflict crushing defeat upon opponents & liberate the region from their atrocities.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition:

Devil May Cry returns to its roots. The game allows you to master Dante’s combating styles while fighting devils & new enemies as you battle to face Dante’s evil twin brother, Virgil.

Attack enemies that are near to you or blow rivals from a safe distance.

This game includes a big variety of weapons to choose from.

Dante has been conspired by his twin brother, Virgil, to open the gate to the demonic army. Now Dante wants to face Virgil & during his adventure, multiple characters help him.

Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 3
(Image Credit: Capcom)

You need to fight against swarm of devils that are harder than before & they have equipped weapons, & they are able to transform & fly.

DMC3 is a third installment in the DMC series. DMC3 is a prequel to DMC, & chronologically it is the first game in the series.

This game is different from previous games because now you have to solve riddles to progress through the levels while also kill demons on the way.

DMC3 puts more emphasis on style rather than killings. The battle in this game is brutal & faster than previous games. You have an option to switch b/w both Devil Arms & firearms, which can let you perform more powerful & stylish combos. The Stylish Rank is shown by a gauge. After landing successful attacks & dodging enemy attacks, the gauge rises. Once it is filled up, it will go up 1 rank.

If you are hit, the gauge will reset at a lower level & if you perform same attack multiple times, the gauge will stop improving till a new attack is performed.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Specifications:

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Series: Devil May Cry
  • Platforms: PS2, PC Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch
  • Genres: Action-adventure, & hack and slash
  • Mode: Single-player

Outbreak: Epidemic:

Outbreak: Epidemic is a survival horror game very similar to classic Resident Evil titles. It is a full indie game from a single developer & it seems interesting. It looks like classic Resident Evil games. It is a free to play game which means you don’t have to purchase it. Also there are no microtransactions, lootboxes or anything else which can be purchased with real money. It is a difficult game which makes it very exciting but according to some reviewers the developers should have lowered the difficulty level to make it compatible for beginners as well.

A disease spreads & to stop people from becoming victims you & up to 3 of your buddies need to fight through the zombie apocalypse. This game is punishing & unlike modern survival horror games; you need to save your resources & avoid enemy attacks.

This game puts emphasis on managing items in your inventory, & like other survival games, gamers need to beat foes in order to save themselves.

Outbreak: Epidemic is set in a world where 4 gamers play cooperatively. It was first launched in Early Access but more content will be available which contains scenarios, game modes, & more.

Outbreak: Epidemic Gameplay
(Image Credit: Dead Drop Studios)

Outbreak: Epidemic offers Story mode, Onslaught mode & Experiment mode scenarios. Decide your playable character wisely & then level up to unlock new buffs for your character.

Outbreak: Epidemic Features:

  • Outbreak: Epidemic lets gamers play together across Windows & Steam
  • A 4 player cooperative mode is available
  • The server of the game has no connection problems
  • Choose from many weapons which include melee & range against the zombies
  • Gamers need to complete story campaign when they choose story mode
  • Beat swarms of enemies with low resources
  • In the story campaign gamers need to explore regions, read logs, discover keys & crack riddles in order to endure
  • This game features multiple difficulty modes
  • Gamers can also play this game alone without the need of internet connection
  • Gamers can use customizable gamepad, mouse & keyboard

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to play classic horror games like original Resident Evil games. However, the quality of gameplay is a bit lower than AAA because it is entirely developed by a single person.

Outbreak: Epidemic Specifications:

  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
  • DEVELOPER: Dead Drop Studios LLC
  • PUBLISHER: Dead Drop Studios LLC
  • FRANCHISE: Outbreak
  • RELEASE DATE: Available in Early Access
  • Platforms: PC Windows & Linux

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