Top video games for 10 year old kids / children during health emergency:

Children are locked down at home due to corona virus. Kids get bored very quickly & they need fresh entertainment like video games, story books, & TV shows. Entertainment is as important as studies because kids are like sponges & they absorb what they see / play / hear. Parents must allow their kids to watch good movies, play interesting games & read informative or story books.

GamesCover is a wikipedia of video games & we are offering top video games that are designed for 10 year old kids or grown ups. Have a look at our video games collection below: 

No Straight Roads:

The game is based on a matchless song centered around an action-adventure theme that demonstrates that music has the power to challenge a wicked authoritarian regime and win over the control of Vinyl City back.

Two famous characters Mayday & Zuke using the power of music launched an attack against the wicked authority of usurpers.

No Straight Roads
No Straight Roads
(Image Credit: Metronomik)

An extraordinary music focused on action-adventure theme that demonstrated the power of music to the world.

Usher in musical uprising to retake the control of city.

Remember your weapon is the music.

Contest with powerful gangsters using the power of music.


Players have to take part in downhill biking, that takes them down the mountain & they have to arrive at the bottom. The game features procedurally generated worlds. Players have to develop biking skills in order to take their team to victory.

(Image Credit: No More Robots)

Ride bike down hills in first or third person view. Players have to go down slopes, & perform aerial stunts.
They have to choose a team. They can pick one of the three teams named as Enemy, Arboreal or Kinetic.

Naruto Shippuden:

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist has returned to his hometown after acquiring lengthy and laborious training during which he has developed new talents and has become much tougher.

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden
(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)

He is now self-assured coupled with strong determination to face his adversaries for the protection of his friends and homeland.

A Way Out:

It is the story of two inmates with incredible liaison who attempted to escape from dungeon and succeeded in their mission.

Play the game and experience action packed escapade.

Game pertains to prison break.

A Way Out
A Way Out
(Image Credit: Electronic Arts)

The convicted determination and resolution to escape from the guarded prison was so strong that nothing could stop them from fleeing.

When they resolved to find their freedom, all obstructions in their heroic mission were defeated.

Only with joint efforts difficulties could be surmounted.

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