Castle Storm 2 Review, Story, Gameplay, & Release Date:

Castle Storm 2 is a game about projectile battle, protecting tower using its weapons, cruel combat, creative characters & story campaign of empire invading another empire using tactical strategy. It is a mashup of multiple disciplines featuring an intense warfare.

Castle Storm 2 Story:

The legends will face an army of zombies, & you can choose to help either side in 2 epic story campaigns.

The game is set in a classic fantasy terrain of medieval madness. An army of dead has risen from the grave & it is destroying the world. Target enemy army using your catapult & other weapons.

Castle Storm 2 Review
Castle Storm 2 Review
Image Credit: Zen Studios

Castle Storm 2 Gameplay:

Castle Storm 2 is combination of multi genres featuring cruel destruction, as well as a complete new metagame of tactical warfare.

Castle Storm 2 allows you to build your army & then enter battle. Now it is your responsibility to control your troop & beat the opponent army.

CastleStorm 2 expands the castle bashing destruction using a tactical strategy & an enriched narrative. The game launches on Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2020.

CastleStorm 2 Gameplay
Castle Storm 2 Gameplay
Image Credit: Zen Studios

CastleStorm 2 focuses on storytelling, & the game returns players to classic fantasy terrain of medieval craziness, rife & daring knights, dangerous witches, magnificent griffins & more types of whimsical characters. Also the list of enemy forces that rises from the grave include undead, headless horsemen, & more nasty beasts roaming in the open.

All 6 different campaigns are represented by delightfully memorable legendary heroes, as players overcome army of enemies using a combination of turn based strategy & new form of combat introduced in CastleStorm that has been upgraded in second part. Build castles & forts, & finally the complete kingdom.

CastleStorm 2 Key Features:

  • Genres: Strategy
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Developers: Zen Studios
  • Publishers: Zen Studios
  • Features: Online Versus Multiplayer
  • Release Date: Q3 2020

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