Comparison: DiRT 5 vs WRC 9 in terms of gameplay, multiplayer mode, graphics, sound & camera:

WRC 9, also known as WRC 9 Series: World Rally Championship is a racing video game & it is the official video game of the 2020 World Rally Championship. WRC 9 is developed by French developer Kylotonn & published by Nacon. 

Dirt 5 is focused on off road racing. Dirt 5 features racing on multi tracks around the globe. For variety, Codemasters selected different seasons for different terrains. Dirt 5 is a racing video game developed & published by Codemasters & it is the 14th installment in the Colin McRae Rally series & the eighth video game with the Dirt series title. 

Comparison: DiRT 5 vs WRC 9 in graphics, gameplay, camera
Image Credit: Codemasters | Nacon

A career mode in DiRT 5 will take you from an unknown to a famous rally champion. Voice acting in career mode is performed by Toy Baker & Nolan North.

The biggest rival of DiRT 5 in rally racing is WRC 9. The latter is getting more realistic as it has been confirmed for PS5 & Xbox Series X. The next installment in WRC series not only offers better visuals, but many new tracks too.

Dirt 5 vs WRC 9: Gameplay:

In WRC 9, you can race against opponents in rally of your choice. The game allows you to participate in rally season of 2020. Take the driver seat, & control the old & new rallies to fight for victory against real drivers.

WRC 9 has advanced driving model. The game is designed to be as real as possible. Immense effort has been made to provide real to life features such as rally suspension, braking & mass transfer on different types of courses in different conditions.

Fans liked the career mode of WRC 8 & claimed it to be one of the top in racing game events. WRC 9 has further improved system & mechanics.

WRC 9 is focused on WRC 8 but it has been refined & technologically improved.

WRC 9 consists of 13 rounds of the 2020 season, this includes three returning rallies namely the Safari Rally, Rally New Zealand & Rally Japan, along with fifty official crews from WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 & J-WRC. WRC 9 includes fifteen other vehicles from the WRC previous game installments.

Comparison: DiRT 5 vs WRC 9 Gameplay
Image Credit: Codemasters | Nacon

Dirt 5 is a racing game with emphasis on off-road racing. Types of races are rally cross, ice racing, stadium super trucks & off-road buggies. Dirt 5 also has a beautiful narrative-based career mode in which gamer competes against a rival driver in championships. The game also has a mentor who provides gamer valuable advice in the career mode.     

Dirt 5 features new modes, new ways to play, & it consists of new ideas that drive series in a new direction. Troy Baker (who performed the role of voice actor for Joel in The Last of Us), & Nolan North (who performed the role of voice actor of Drake in Uncharted), act as mentors in career mode of Dirt 5, & they help you in sponsorship deals, tactics of racing & other ways. The career mode of Dirt 5 allows you to participate in choices in between races that can give a new direction to your career. Career & offline modes of Dirt 5 provide split-screen for up to 4 players.

In Dirt 5, you can race across the globe as the game features 70 courses. Tracks & dynamic weather affects the gameplay including ice, snow, gravel, & other landscapes have an impact on your racing. The game features a big list of rallies that can be selected, & you can edit & customize them to fit your play style.

Dirt 5 features new tracks & amazing modes are coming back including Gymkhana Mode, & the game offers a free upgrade from current to next-gen console.

Jolting jumps make gameplay even more challenging in Dirt 5. Weather & track condition changes when advancing during the event.

WRC 9 & Dirt 5 offers extensive career modes where you start your career from unknown & eventually become famous racers. Both games incorporate a number of modes that have their own rules for victory & give players an option to participate in diverse type of competitions. There is variety in locations & vehicles, & players can choose the vehicle of their choice by tweaking performance & apply paints & other customizations.

Dirt 5 vs WRC 9: Multiplayer Mode:

WRC 9 & Dirt 5 video games are both available in single-player along with multiplayer modes. If a gamer wants to play solo or wants to enjoy a company of friends then he can have it. Along with online multi-player mode, Dirt 5 has a four-player split-screen feature for those who want to play the game on a single screen & show the metal on road. WRC 9 has a two-player local split screen multiplayer along with online multiplayer that supports two to eight gamers.      

Dirt 5 vs WRC 9: Graphics & Sound:

WRC 9 allows you to travel & enjoy spectacular views from various camera angles added to your rally.

Courses are very beautiful in WRC 9. The game replicates gorgeous plantations, spectacular sea sights, combined with amazing terrain & the complete natural beauty in its realistic colors.

DiRT 5 has stunning graphics that will look even more eye-popping on PS5 & Xbox Series X. Players can take part in events in a huge number of places that includes Arizona, Brazil, China, Italy, Norway & New York-City. The game has a dynamic weather & seasons, which affect the racing.

DiRT 5 vs WRC 9: Graphics
DiRT 5 vs WRC 9: Graphics
Image Credit: Codemasters | Nacon

The visuals & audio quality of both games are tremendous compared to their previous installments. Both video games got a graphical boost in a sense that these games release on newer platforms such as PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X. In WRC 9, not only the sound feels good but weather such as the lighting & particle effects look much better compared to WRC 8, with precise shading & reflections; also, the clouds of dust look good on the eyes. Dirt 5 has a day/night cycle & dynamic weather, & this video game can be the best example of high-end graphics racing game along with fantastic sound track.

In WRC 8, it felt like the vehicle has no weight & it just float over track. The sound felt repetitive. Such problems have been resolved in WRC 9.

Dirt 5 vs WRC 9: Camera:

DiRT 5 vs WRC 9: Camera
DiRT 5 vs WRC 9: Camera
Image Credit: Codemasters | Nacon

WRC 9 has a plain gameplay from interior & chase cams along with more cinematic angles to give additional perspectives to the video game. Dirt 5 also has more camera angle options to give more freedom to the player compared to Dirt 4.


WRC 9 & Dirt 5 video games releases on platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X. Dirt 5 also releases on Stadia while WRC 9 releases on Nintendo Switch.

Dirt 5 Key Features:

  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Series: Dirt
  • Platforms: PC Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Google Stadia
  • Release Date: 9 October 2020
  • Genre: Racing
  • Modes: Single-player & multiplayer

WRC 9 Key Features:

  • Developer: Kylotonn
  • Publisher: Nacon
  • Series: World Rally Championship
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series
  • Release Date: 3 September 2020
  • Genre: Racing
  • Modes: Single-player, & multiplayer

DiRT 5 Trailer:

Watch DiRT 5 official announcement trailer.

DiRT 5 Trailer

WRC 9 Trailer:

Watch WRC 9 trailer.

WRC 9 Trailer

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