How top mobile game developers are saving this world?

In Angry Birds, you slide your finger on mobile screen, that pull an angry bird sitting in a slingshot & upon releasing your finger, slingshot releases the bird in a direction you have specified & the bird causes mayhem upon hitting objects.

Angry bird flies in the air & its flight path is visible but you might be thinking that we are not saving this world this way. However, developers of Angry Bird have joined hands with 10 other mobile developers to devise a new method for changing this world. They have committed to adding messages into their apps for saving this world.

How mobile game developers can save this world?
How mobile game developers can save this world?
Image Credit: Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds, as well as Subway Surfers, Golf Clash & Transformer: Earth Wars are working on this innovative idea.

Around 3 billion people are using mobile service & half of them are video gamers. Due to high coverage, it is easy for these elite mobile game developers to send their messages to mobile gamers.

According to scientists, our world is now around 1 degree warmer than it was before widespread industrialization. Warm temperatures melt sea ice & the Arctic Ocean might be ice free in summer in the year 2050, unless we give attention to it.

11 companies that have joined hands to work on this project have combined audience of 250 million gamers.

Each game will be adding a fresh mode, map, event, narrative or art work to share info. & messages about environmental problems.

Players of Angry Birds 2, for example, will soon be collecting seeds & planting plants in future event & will learn about importance of plantation.

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