Sony reveals "ready for PlayStation 5" TVs with best features compatible with PS5:

Sony reveals its ready for PS5 TVs that are available in various sizes & features. 2 TVs have been revealed for PlayStation 5. They provide game ready models & features that support PlayStation 5 release in Holiday 2020.

Both TVs have an extra game mode known as Bravia Game Mode. This will let PlayStation 5 to automatically play games on monitor’s lowest latency setting, & it allows user to wake both PlayStation 5 & TV simultaneously with a single press of Dual Sense controller.

2 new TVs called Sony Bravia TVs can run PlayStation 5 in awesome condition. One of the monitor has an affordable price & the other one is very costly.

Sony Bravia X900 is compatible with PS5
Sony Bravia X900 is compatible with PS5
(Image Credit: Sony)

Sony Bravia X900 is a 4K Android TV available in multiple sizes with same features: 55, 65, 75 & 85 inch.

An LED smart TV that offers detailed pictures & deep contrast. It provides a 4K resolution & 120 frames per second. It offers a game mode with low input lag of 7.2 ms.

While Sony Z8H 8K LED Smart TV is a much expensive TV available in 75, & 85 inch only.

Sony Z8H TV is highly compatible with PS5
Sony Z8H TV offers 120 FPS at 8K resolution
(Image Credit: Sony)

Z8H / ZH8 series offers 8K brilliance with immersive sound that feels amazingly real. This is an LED TV & has a 120 FPS. If you have more money after purchasing PS5 then you can spend it to buy Sony TV that offers the best resolution, best experience with a brand new TV with upmost features.

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