Big Pharma Improvements, New Features, Local (Split-screen) and Internet Online Multiplayer Mode:

An economic strategy video game that allows you to become the manager of a pharmaceutical company & try to beat the competitors. You need to research on medicines & save lives of millions of people, reduce people suffering from diseases around the world, & earn a big profit. You need to make high quality medicines if you want high reputation.

The game starts with few rusty machines that can make medicines to treat light diseases. When you begin earning you can invest them to buy professional machines. They help you in finding new raw materials & technology which can help in making high quality medicines. You must keep balance in the expansion of your business so that you can earn enough money to afford the expenses & make profit too.

Big Pharma Review
Big Pharma Review
(Image Credit: Positech Games)

If you want to make a big leap, then make yourself aware of the competitors who launch their own medicines. Also the game market changes regularly.

You have limited space in laboratory so spend time figuring out best placement of machines in laboratory.

Big Pharma Story:

In this game you can play as a manager of a pharmaceutical company who create medicines from ingredients.

Big Pharma Improvements, Local and Internet Online Multiplayer
Big Pharma Improvements, Local and Internet Online Multiplayer
(Image Credit: Positech Games)

It is in your hand to improve the lives of numerous people & cure ill to earn money. Are you going to use your skills for people good? The reality is that some diseases will let you earn more profit, & if more people are sick then you will earn more money.

You will begin with a few reconditioned machines & you will be able to cure minor diseases but you can find new ingredients & professional machines to help improve medicines.

Big Pharma Gameplay:

You won’t be alone in the game world. Opponents want to beat your business because they have their own set of treatments.

The game includes seasons so your flu medicines might sell well in winter but they might not sell so well in summer.

You need to crack riddles too. The game allows you to work well in lab to perfect new formulas, but you will need an engineering & business mind to change your research into money.

The resources that can be used to make medicines have intrinsic positive for example reduces coughs & negative for example induces drowsiness effects. Resources can be mixed to combine positive & negative properties to make better medicines. Your objective is to make medicines that have max. positive effects & either you need to remove side effects or reduce it too much.

Big Pharma Gameplay
Big Pharma Gameplay
(Image Credit: Positech Games)

The medicines can be produced using various equipment that can let you mix resources, rearrange its effects to control how effects combine when they are mixed, analyze resources to control max. potency levels, & in the end you need to covert the resource into medicine form.

When you finish the process of producing a medicine for the first time then you can name your medicine. This pill is then sold in the game’s market. Your medicine will be effective & will sell well on the basis of its effectiveness, lack of side effects & market demand.

Other companies will also make medicines that can affect your business. If other companies also launch a cough medicine, then there will be multiple products in the market & the better medicine will sell well. You can research on new resources to make better medicines.

The game offers a custom game mode.

There is a free build mode available too.

Modding is supported in Big Pharma.

Big Pharma Specifications:

  • Developer: Twice Circled
  • Publisher: Positech Games
  • Platforms: PC Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, Switch, & PS4
  • Release Date: Available
  • Genre: Puzzle game, construction and management simulation
  • Mode: Single-player


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